Use Gmail as default email client for firefox

Now you can use gmail as your default E-mail client for any kind of e-mail writing in Firefox by following two simple steps

Go to Tools => Options => Application Tab
and see for content type “mailto”.
Change this to Gmail, and now whenever you will click for a mailto protocol it will automatically open Gmail.
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Change your XP Logon Screen

This trick is very easy to do but it needs Resource Hacker and If you don’t already have Resource Hacker go download it now . I have tried this on Windows XP..


  • Browse to C:windowssystem32  and copy logonui.exe and paste it to C: Now, open C:logonui.exe with Resource hacker.
  • Click on Action and then on Replace bitmap. If you are good with graphics you can make your own logon screen, you should be able to scroll thru the bitmaps in this file and figure out what’s where. If your not great with graphics :/ like myself, you can download already made graphics and use them, or use them as a template.
  • To set the size of Bitmap 100: Go into the UIFILE10001022 tree and press CTRL+F Now, find  Change the entire line to read:  Where xxx is put the width e.g. 400rp (the rp @ the end is needed) and where yyy is, put the height e.g. 1000rp. Make sure the image doesn’t go over the login names because it slows down to a snails pace (fading etc.)
  • Once you have everything the way you want it, just save the file to C: and close Resource hacker. Now, copy the modified logonui.exe to C:windowssystem32 and replace it with original one.
  • Reboot to see Ur logon screen

I think that was Easy..Is n’t it ?
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How to Set Up your Private FTP Server

If some your friend want to download any big file right from your desktop to his using Internet, then File Transfer Protocol is the fastest method. This method can be used to share files at high speed. To do this you need Windows XP installed in your system and an Internet Connection and a router.This will run in windows hosting and other compatible providers.

To do this first you need to open your Router’s configuration page by going to there in set your router’s Acess control to FTP Protocol

Now Install FTP Server in your computer by opening control pannel and going to Add/Remove programs. Select Add/Remove Windows Component then select IIS(Internet Information Services) then select details. Tick FTP Service Click Ok, and then click next to Install FTP Server.

When you are done with seting up of  your FTP , then open C:/inetpub/ftproot to add files to your server. Your server address will be your ip address which is displayed here below-

What are Bookmarklets

Bookmarklets are simple tools that extend the surf and search capabilities of Firefox and Explorer web browsers.

Bookmarklets are free.
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Bookmarklets allow you to:

* Modify the way you see someone else’s webpage.
* Extract data from a webpage.
* Search more quickly, and in ways not possible with a search engine.
* Navigate in new ways.

Bookmarklets work on all platforms (Windows, Macintosh, Unix,…)

You do not have to download or install software to use Bookmarklet.
I have posted one bookmarklet earlier here ,which unveils the passwords on Current Page. Today I am going to post a bookmarklet which will save your bandwidth. Just drag and drop this to your bookmark toolbar of Firefox or Explorer, below address bar.

Just drag and drop above written Lo Fi Version to your bookmark toolbar to view current webpage in Low Bandwidth Version

Best Ways to Earn Money Online

Online money is required for various transactions such as purchasing a premium account for rapid share or any other paid online file sharing services. This online money can be credited in to your or an Alert Pay Account.There are several ways to Earn money online without investing even a single penny. Here I have listed some of the websites which offer such services.

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Blogger is the service offered by Google in which you can create your Blog for free and put your Ideas on InterNet. You can Sign Up for Google Adsense and Adbrite and other Ad networks to earn money through your website. The more is the traffic on your blog , the more you will earn. It also helps in expanding your social Network.This is not an Instant Way to Earn money but once you are started with earning you can get a very Handsome amount of money in Long run….

Earn by Clicking Ads Online
There are many websites which offer earning money by clicking ads one of theseis which pays you for referrals as well. This site just needs your 30 seconds to surf each ad and amount will be credited instantaneously.

Many websites offers online Surveys which include . On this website you may get a very handsome amount of money just by writting 3 to 4 lines about some of listed websites. This website also pays for referrals you will get $1.25 for a single referral. This is the much easy and Simple way then getting money from a blog. This website will also pay $6.00 for a new sign up in form of welcome survey, in which you just need to write few lines about given website

Earn Money by reciving SMS
Earning money for free using your mobile phone! Now its easy to earn money using your mobile phone. You will recive ads about various services of your interest plus you will also get Money for viewing that SMS. Such a service is offered by mGinger .Just sign up there and enjoy free money.


Earn Money by Reciving E-mails
Like all above advertising services this is another advertising service in which you will get money to view ads via E-mail. These services are offered by many companies example YouMint and RupeeMail

The best way to Download Hindi Songs

This post is dedicated to all music lovers that keep on checking out the latest music in market. I have posted a method here, in which I’ll explain how you can download Hindi mp3 songs instantaneously. This is explained here, click continue reading.

Step 1
Download OrbitDownloader, a free downloader from I recommend this because I feel that it is light on System Resources however you can also use IDM.
After Installing this open Orbit Downloader, and go to Tools => Preferences => Monitoring and check the Browser you are using, I recommend you using Firefox.

Step 2

Now open Mozilla Firefox and open in it. Open the album which you want to Download, then right click any song in the listed album and click on “Download all by Orbit”. If you are using IDM then it will be “Download all by IDM”. To download the songs set a filter using php files to be Downloaded. Here is a screenshot tour How to Use it all…


This two step guide will make your songs downloading Superfast.


When u suffer an error in XP, a little dialog box appears asking if you want to report the error to Microsoft.To disable error reporting, follow these directions:


1. Right-click My Computer and choose Properties.
2. Click the Advanced tab on your System Properties dialog box.
3. Click the Error Reporting button on the Advanced tab.
4. Place a checkmark next to "Disable error reporting."
5. Leave the other radio button unchecked next to the text labeled, "But notify me when critical errors occur."
6. Click OK.

Study Smart (not hard)!

ARE U going to school or college?  there is no alternative to hard work…(well, there just might be one – it IS the age of the TECH-BOOM baby!).

So here is a piece of the Internet that actually helps you solve math problems. No its not a calculator and you don’t even need to know the formulae. All you need to solve a problem is the “Problem Statement”. Too good to be true? Lets have a look:

Head on over to Mathway . Enter your problem, select the subject and then just hit solve. Not only will you get the solution to the problem but also the steps that were taken to reach the solution. Cool ha? Take that Mr Maths Teacher!

Lets try and solve (tan(x) – sin(x)) / (sec2(x) – 1 ) .  Here is a example



The site also offers a number of solved examples ranging from calculating the area of the circle to calculating Eigen vectors, to evaluating integrals to Infinite series. You can click on a solved example and get a sample step by step solution for that type of problem with the option to get more detailed explanations of any step.

Mathway also offers the option of plotting graphs of functions ranging from polynomials to trigonometric functions to inequalities and a number of other ones.





Change any XP User Password Without Having to Know the Old One

To know every user account dat exists on a Windows XP machine ? And how to re-password any account without having to know the existing password ?

To view all of the user accounts:

  1. While logged onto the computer, click on Start > Run > and type in CMD
  2. image
  3. From the command prompt window, type in net users. This will show you every account that is made onto the computer even if it is hidden or not.

To change an account password:

  1. While logged onto the computer to an account that has administrative rights, click on Start > Run > and type in CMD.
  2. Type in net user then the name of the account then * and press enter.
    Example: net user administrator * or net user "John Miller" * (Put the name in quotes if it contains spaces)
  3. From there it should ask for a new password. Type in your new password and press enter (type very carefully and check your CAPS Lock because the command window won’t display what you type) and once more to confirm it. If you get the message that the command succeeded successfully you’ve changed the password.