Top 10 Portable Applications That You Must Have

Today in this post I will give you a list of top 10 portable applications that are free.A portable application is one that can be used in a portable device like a pendrive.You can download all of them by clicking on their names.So without wasting any of your time, I provide you with the list:

  1. Mozilla Firefox: Certainly Mozilla is the best web browser. So you can download it and use that on your portable device.
  2. VLC Player: This player can play almost all sorts of video formats.Actual size of 16 Mb but you can get it here at very less size.
  3. WinRar: Anywhere you go,you are really independent to extract files if you have this utility.
  4. click below to read more…

  5. Foxit Reader An alternative to adobe reader so that you can view all your pdf files.
  6. Winamp A music addict will know about the usefulness of this utility.
  7. OpenOffice To do all your MS Office work ,you should have this.
  8. FS Capture to edit the photos or to take screenshots, this is an awesome utility with a file size of only 1 Mb
  9. utorrent This one is for all torrent freaks.
  10. Miranda This is an IM client.Carry it if you want to chat with all of your friends.
  11. NVU To work with HTML , you ought to have this.
Now, what I think is that I have covered all the best softwares from each field and provided a handy, portable solutions to each of them. Readers comments are invited so that any further improvement can be made.

Google Mail Now In Indian Languages

After Orkut,Gtalk and websites, our own gmail is now using transiletrations so that we can write in Indian languages.When you compose a new mail in Gmail, you should now see an icon with an Indian character, as the screenshot above shows. This feature is enabled by default for Gmail users in India. If you do not see this function enabled by default, you will need to go the “Settings” page and enable this option in the “Language” section.Click below to read more…
When you click the Indian languages icon, you can type words the way they sound in English and Gmail will automatically convert the word to its Indian local language equivalent. For example, if a Hindi speaker types “namaste” we will transliterate this to “नमस्ते.” Similarly, “vanakkam” in Tamil will become “வணக்கம்.” We currently support five Indian languages — Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam — and you can select the language of your choice from the drop-down list next to the icon.

Links :

Convert an Ebook to Audio Book

Now in this Electronic going world, people are shifting towards E-books and Audio books, as they are portable and available Free on site such as Project Gutenberg. Recently , I was reading some E-book and found that it will effect my I eyes, as I was watching it on my PC. So, I thought of a way to convert an E-book to Audio book and Googled it out.
I found that a small utility “TextAloud” from NextUp will do my work, it is used to convert an eBook to an Audio Book and that can be put into mobile or a player and listened any where, the most portable way..

Links :- NextUp | TextAloud | Get Free eBooks

Split Large files Into Smaller Ones

Today in this post,I will provide a solution to how to handle large files and broke them into small pieces.With these pieces, you have the following advantages :-

  1.     copy on cd’s or other similar stuff.
  2.     distribute over the Internet, networks.
  3.     send by email
  4.     easily upload
  5.     easy sharing

But for all these, you have to download a software known as GSplit. GSplit is a freeware and free to distribute.To download,read the full article

To Download GSplit with installer click here.

To Download GSplit portable, click here.

To Download GSplit in a portable zip version click here.

In case you are facing any problems with installations, you can go here..


Indian Political Games

2009-03-26_100304As you all know that India, the largest democracy in the world is soon going to have the elections,geeks all around the country want to make profit out of these.They have now build the flash games based on the Indian political drama.
The online real games offers many games that could be used as a entertainment.Moreover if you register with their site, you can actually take part in the competitions and win prizes. So why wait, click here, to go and play game.

Maintain Your Health Record Online

With Google Health, you can actually keep a record of your heath with a large number of options suiting each and every individual thereby fulfilling each and everybody’s needs.Google Health aims to solve an urgent need that dovetails with overall mission of organizing patient information and making it accessible and useful. Through health offering, users will be empowered to collect, store, and manage their own medical records online.Now as we all know about the expertise of Google in every field, they offer these special features

  1. Privacy and Security
  2. Portability
  3. User Friendly
  4. Option To Share
  5. Graphing the Results

and many more………

So  to easily maintain all your reports,switch to Google Health .

How to add Animated Images to Blogger Blog

According to Blogger Official Blog for Known Issues, animated files does not remain animated when hosted on blogger because

Picasa doesn’t support animated images and the Blogger-hosted photos are stored in Picasa Web Albums.

 A solution to this problem is to use some other Image hosting solution such as Tinypic, Photobucket,,etc.

Just upload your animated photo on any of these hosting sites and get the html code for the Image. Now, go to Edit HTML while writing the post and paste that HTML code for animated image to your post. You will get an Animated Image in your Blogger Blog Post. Here is an Example below of an Animated Image, Enjoy!

Preview Videos,Photos in Gmail

Now you can actually have a preview of videos from you tube,Picasa albums without actually viewing them by without actually clicking them!!! This is the new feature that is just added to Gmail. To enable this feature follow these steps:

  1. Click on settings
  2. Enable all those features that you want to like Picasa,you tube,etc..

Next time if anybody sends you a link in his mail,you can easily view the preview.Doing this will make the following:

  1. It will save your time.
  2. It will save your bandwidth.
  3. You have the option to view the image in original context
  4. No get rid of the links that you don’t want to open.

So enjoy this new feature.To know more, you can click here.

E-Books For Everyone

While searching the internet, I come across a site that I want to share with you all.Yes everybody requires books to study so this post is for all of you. Visit Spidermantras to download enormous variety of books on varied topics.The topics include computers,electronics,literature,etc.

This is a free and effortless web site for downloading free computer stuffs. You are free to use this resources to suit your tastes and needs in any way you like. Hundreds of thousands of books are there. Its all free.. feel free to download.