Backup Windows Live Writer

As we all know it is very easy and fast to blog with help of Microsoft’s free tool Windows Live Writer. But when it comes to formatting or reformatting operating system, there is a chance of loss of WLW data. But Now you can move securely to upgrade or format Windows, without worrying about your Windows Live Writer’s information stored. Whenever you format your PC/ Laptop, it is required to re-install Windows Live Writer, and all the previous linking database is lost. Scott has come up with a solution to this problem. He made a small program know as Windows Live Writer backup hosted at codeplex. You can download this here. MainWindow

Basic Requirements to run this release are-

  • You must have .NET 3.5 SP1 installed.
  • If you’re running Vista or Win7, to run the program you will require elevated permissions(administrative). Unfortunately, this is only required for restoring a backup.

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Orca Browser-Simple, Safe, Fast

orcalogo Days are gone when people rely on Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Today people want something new, something safe at which they can rely upon and something fast.
 ORCA Browser is yet another powerful browser which is based on the patterns of Mozilla Firefox but far more better than Firefox. Not only does Orca Browser contains all the features, such as security, low memory usage, spell-checker, built-in download manager, etc. from a typical Gecko based browser, it also improves the speed, adds built-in features like an AD Blocker, Flash Blocker, Online Profile Storage, auto Form-Filler, and a Outlook-Style RSS Reader. The auto Form-Filler helps to memorize or fill different types of web forms and passwords. It can also protect them with a master security password. Online Profile Storage allows users to create their own account. With their username and password, users can choose to save or access their personal data such as bookmarks, Auto Fills, and RSS feeds remotely from any computer.

Orca Preview
Here is the list of extensions that work with Orca Browser

Numpty Physics

All of us like to play games, but this game is somewhat different. NUMPTY PHYSICS will check all your physics concepts in a geeky way. This crayon type game will not only make you enjoy the different levels but also test the practicality of your physics concepts. The amazing features of this game are

  • Amazingly small size
  • Available for all operating systems
  • No installation
  • It’s your geek test ………….


To go through the NUMPTY PHYSICS site, click here


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Keep a watch on your Image

ImageCopyingNow, you can keep a strict watch, where your Image is being used in Web World. Idee Inc. created world’s first reverse image search engine to get your image identified. It can also identify your Image even if there are slight modifications from original image.

Iddtineye_logo Inc. created TinEye, which provides this Image search for free. You can upload an Image to start your search or you can also specify URL of that image.  Moreover, if you are on iPhone then you can click a photo from your mobile and start searching. TinEye also allows searching through bookmarklet, you can add bookmarklet below to search Images on given page for its copies on internet. Drag this bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbar for fast and easy use.


You can also add TinEye search Engine to your Firefox or IE web browser by adding Firefox and IE add-ons. For more info about plug-in visit Tineye.

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Play Games in Google Talk

Google Talk service by Google is still running in beta phase, and now they’ve released Google talk real-time gadgets API. This API comes with some cool examples, like playing games and language translation, realtime gadget If you are a developer, you can also contribute to this API by visiting here. I like playing chess and I found it there on Google talk real-time gadgets API, and that was amazing….Now, I play chesschess with my friends on Google Talk.

If you also want to play chess or the rock-paper-scissors game, then just follow these steps-

That’s it!!, Isn’t it very easy to do…. You can leave your feed back to this API over here.

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Relax Yourself With TweetLater

Tweet Later This applications is for lazy people( even I too come in this category ), those who don’t have much time to take care of their account. TweetLater will automate your twitter experience and relieve you from a lot of burden. This application will make you to automatically

  • Send a custom welcome message to those who follow you .
  • Automatically follow those who follow you.
  • Automatically Un-follow those who un-follow you.
  • Automatically send you a summary of all the mails you received in your twitter account.

twitter To do this , just sign up to TweetLater and create a free account. The site also offers a premium account ( but much of your task is over with your free account ).

How It Works:

When you add your account, you won’t see any new followers being processed for eight hours. New followers mean folks who’ve followed you since the last time they took a snapshot of your list of followers. They take the first snapshot when you add your account there. Hence, eight hours from now, they will process all the folks who followed you between now and then.

So go ahead and automate your twitter .

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Maxthon Browser

logo  Maxthon is yet another browser which is basically aimed at developers of the Web 2.0 using windows hosting and other similar services . Although it might not look very attractive at first look, yet it can perform a number of geek tasks that a web guru requires. Maxthon Browser is a powerful tabbed browser built for all users. Besides basic browsing functionality, Maxthon Browser provides a rich set of features to improve your surfing experience.

The main features which attracted me are :


You can add shortcuts of your programs in Maxthon, and start them with a single click.

You can even set programs to start and shutdown with Maxthon Browser.

Ad Hunter

Ad Hunter can efficiently clean up the web pages by stopping Popup Windows and removing Ad Content Blocks.

You can add content block to the filter with the "Block Page Content…" command in the Right-click Menu.

Web Sniffer

Web Sniffer can help you find the real URLs of FLV video file on those online video website.

You can also set which file types to sniff in the dialog.

Web Bar

This little toolbar provides a lots of small features that aid your browsing, and can be toggled on and off easily.


Open one or more website with only one key. It suits for lazy guys like me :p

You can set up the key and url list in Setup Center.

Screen Capture

Capture Full Screen, Selected Area, Selected Window and Page Content as an image.

You can set copy the image to Clipboard or save it as a file.


Add more features into Maxthon Browser with plugins.

You can even make some to share with your friends.

Filter Packs

Remove ads on a specified website or implement a special feature. The whole new Filter Pack system gives you the possibility of modifying web page source code.


Install Skins to change the look of your Maxthon Browser and make it different, or create one by yourself.


Maxthon Browser has Language Packs in 19 different languages, all made by our community users.

Let Maxthon speaks your own language.

To visit the homepage click here

Disable Annoying Windows Error Reporting

error-report Windows error reporting is made to support Microsoft to improve the bugs found in OS, but sometimes this error reporting causes annoyance. This problem I was facing for last so many days…, getting error report message whenever I exit from my favorite DOS based game Dave. It also happens with some soft wares too…. So, I got to remove this and used my ultimate tool “Google Search”Happy

I found that there are two methods of removing the Annoyance caused by error reporting, the one is Registry Editing Based (Advanced Method), and other is Non Registry based (Easy Method). I’ll explain the easy method first-

  • Right click on My Computer Icon on desktop. properties-page
  • Click Properties.
  • Click on Advanced Tab in System Properties page.
  • Then click on Error Reporting.
  • Select Disable Error Reporting to Disable it
  • Do not select notify for critical errors if you do not want to see error reporting message, ever again…

Other method of getting rid of this Windows Error Reporting is use of Windows Registries directly, I’ve made a registry file, which when added to registry, will disable Error Reporting in Microsoft Windows XP, click here to download the registry file (ErrorReporting.reg).

Just double-click ErrorReporting.reg and click on yes to merge the registry information, and you will be free from Windows Error Reporting message.



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Facebook Providing Usernames

facebook From Saturday, June 13th, you will be getting a unique usernames just like other sites such as LinkedIn. This will help others to find you easily on Google or other search engines. Earlier the profile is identified by the unique number that it has at the end of the url of the pages you visit. The URL was just a randomly assigned number like "id=592952074." That soon will change. When your friends, family members or co-workers visit your profile or Pages on Facebook, they will be able to enter your username as part of the URL in their browser. This way people will have an easy-to-remember way to find you.facebook username



Facebook usernames will be available in basic text forms, and you can only choose a single username for your profile and for each of the Pages that you administer. Your username must be at least five characters in length and only include alphanumeric characters (A-Z, 0-9), or a period or full stop ("."). While usernames are currently available only for Romanized text, we’re looking at how we might support non-Romanized characters in the future.
Think carefully about the username you choose. Once it’s been selected, you won’t be able to change or transfer it. If you signed up for a Facebook Page after May 31 or a user profile after today at 3 p.m. EDT, you may not be able to sign up for a username immediately because of steps we’ve taken to prevent abuse or "squatting" on names.

React OS – Open source Windows

I am using windows operating system for last decade and also sometime install Linux based distributions for testing purposes, this time I’ve found something really amazing to test operating system on my PC, and this amazing thing is React OS. It is Windows NT based open-source operating system, which supports Windows binary (exe) to run in it.reactos_cdcover

React OS is still under heavy development and is in alpha stage of development. The developers itself recommend not to use for daily purposes, till some more improvements are made; but if you are a computer geek and love to try out different OS, then you may give it a try. You can download React OS by various means-

  • Download React OS as Installation CD, Live CD
  • You can also run it virtualized using VMware virtual machine or QMenu
  • You can also get the source code of React OS

You can get to downloads page of React OS at here.

Please give your valuable reviews about this OS in comments section.

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