Get Older Version Easily

Get Older Versions Easily “ Because newer is not always better “ as quoted by OldVersion, is ofcourse a true saying that no one can deny. Sometimes our computer is not compatible with the new version that is available or sometimes the newer versions make our machine slow. OldVersion has make the way for this problem.

The site has a collections of all the versions since 2001 with a large number of categories that include applications related to communication, graphics, multimedia, internet, file sharing, utilities, security, ftp and enterprise. assists computer users who are unable to continually upgrade their computer.

Those who find that their machine is not able to run the latest version of a certain application have no choice but to use an old version of the program. Unfortunately, the vast majority of software companies do not offer this opportunity.

They are doing our small part to help bridge the digital divide by allowing everyone to enjoy the same software titles regardless of their hardware. The main problem about this site is that it has all its collection for windows only.

Create your Portable Application

thinapp I keep formatting my computer in every 2-3 weeks to keep the speed of my PC up, but the greatest disadvantage of this practice is that it causes me to install same essential softwares, every time I freshly install Windows on my PC. So, I found out a solution to my problem, which is use of Portable applications. Now I tend to use maximum number of portable applications, which reduces the time taken in installation, and hence make me more productive. I think its just my motherboard drivers which are not portable for me, but everything else is Portable.

It is very easy to create Portable version of any application using VMWare ThinInstall or VMWare ThinApp. I create independent software package using this and run them without installation. Other advantage is that, applications made by Thinapp does not require administrator privileges to run,  and it does not effect system files as well.
This application is very light weight, less than 6 MB setup and comes with 60 days evaluation period. So check out this application using download button, below

Portable CD Burners

CD Burners Days are gone when people used to carry huge software’s to burn the CDs . Small and handy software’s are the need of the hour today. A portable application (portable app) is a computer software program that runs from a removable storage device such as a CD-ROM drive, USB flash drive, flash card, or floppy disk. This post will provide you some of the portable CD burners that you can carry with you in any portable device because of their small size.

InfraRecoder :

InfraRecorder is a free CD/DVD burning solution for Microsoft Windows. It offers a wide range of powerful features; all through an easy to use application interface and Windows Explorer integration.

Active@ ISO Burner 2.0 :

Active@ ISO Burner 2.0 is a simple-to-use dialog-style software to burn CD/DVD/Blue Ray ISO images compatible with the ISO 9660 standard. Automated burning is also supported.

Burrrn :

Burrrn is a little tool for creating audio CDs with CD-Text from various audio files. Supported formats are: wav, mp3, mpc, ogg, aac, mp4, ape, flac, ofr, wv, tta, m3u, pls and fpl playlists and cue sheets. You can also burn EAC’s noncompliant image + cue sheets! Burrrn can read all types of tags from all these formats (including ape tags in mp3). Burrrn uses cdrdao.exe for burning.

Amok :

AmoK CD/DVD Burning is for all those people who think burning programs such as Nero or WinOnCD are too overloaded with functionality that no one needs. AmoK CD/DVD Burning does not have a media center, wave editor, cover designer and cannot create videos. AmoK CD/DVD Burning burns CDs and DVDs and offers all options you need – nor more and not less.

BurnCDCC™ :

This utility is used to burn an ISO file to a CD/DVD/BD disc. Many new systems come with a limited CD/DVD software package that lacks the ability to burn ISO files.

Set up your domain for Blogger

cc_logoNow you can have an experience of having a custom domain name associated with your blogger account, just for free. You will be getting DNS management tools to manage your domain settings and have an experience of it before buying a .com domain.  There are two ways to associate your account with blogger blog, one is by URL forwarding, (a beginner lever approach) and other is advanced level approach (used to map BlogSpot domain to your custom domain).

To do this sign up at, and get a free domain

  • Easy Method
    Login to your account, click manage domain on left side, and chose third option of URL forwarding and enter the URL where you want your domain to be redirected.
  • Effortful method
    This method is little effortful than above one, but it will give better results, as this will make sure that search results you get, will be in form of domain you have mapped. Just add following zone records to your account instead of URL forwarding( Just assume your domain name instead of
    zone records 
    Now go to blogger dashboard, select your blog, go to Settings => Publishing => Switch to custom domain => Switch to advance settings , and there put in the name of your custom domain. That’s it!!, your domain setup will take 1-2 days, after which whenever you’ll visit your domain , it will land you to your blog.

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Create Mobile Version of your Blog

MoFuseBlog Now you can easily create free mobile version of your website or blog using a service known as MoFuse. This service easily converts your blogger blog or wordpress blog to their mobile version, along with many other features too. I’ve also created my blog’s mobile version using this service only. You can checkout the mobile version of Chill Geeks at or at







To create a mobile version of your blog, you need to have feeds enabled. This service fetches feeds and rephrase them in mobile version. Just follow the following steps to get your own mobile site.

  1. Open select MoFuse premium service or select MoFuse for Blog, for your blog.
  2. Just enter your blog’s URL and click Mobilize!
  3. Enter the details for your web blog or web site, and you will be signed up for this service. You will get mobile version of your site at [your choice]
  4. You can also setup custom domain mapping to your blog by selecting your blog and then selecting custom domain option, and entering the custom domain, and save it as shown in screenshot
  5. Now go to your DNS settings panel and add the required CNAME record.

And you are done with setting up your own mobile blog, for custom domains, it will take some time to come up live on web.

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Get Jobs On Gtalk

India’s largest job providing company has added yet another powerful system to their profile which is receiving large amount of appreciations from its user. now you can search for jobs on gtalk. Just add in your gtalk and you can easily find any number of jobs you desire. With this facility you can even search jobs at your company place where is

What are the benefits of using NaukriOnChat? You can Search and Apply to jobs directly while chatting on Gtalk, without having to visit the website

  • You can hunt jobs at even on slow internet connections .

To get more information. just click here

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Top 10 Applications That a Student Should Have

ITS Lion Cartoon This post will give you the best applications for students that are available on internet which will help them not only to boost their academic career but also their social network. For making the stuff look easy, I have divided the whole into 3 main categories.


    • Google Docs

      These are a part of Google’s SaaS (Software as a Service) version of MS Office. Documents, Spreadsheets, forms and presentations can be created within the application itself, imported through the web interface, or sent via email. They can also be saved to the user’s computer in a variety of formats (OpenOffice, HTML, PDF, RTF, Text, Word). By default, they are saved to the Google servers. But they have some limitations too:

      • The files can only be downloaded or uploaded once at a time
      • A user can have a total of 5,000 documents and presentations, 5,000 images, 1,000 spreadsheets, and 100 PDFs
      • Only presentations under 10MB can be imported
    • Zoho Notebook

      This applications is very useful for research purposes. This is similar to writing on a pad. This personal browser tool permits a user to write notes, and to clip text, images, and links from pages during browsing. These are saved to an online "notebook" with sharing and collaboration features. To increase its feasibility, ZOHO has facilitated the option to login using Google or Yahoo. As an added advantage add-on’s are available for firefox which can be downloaded here.

    • Google Reader

      Came into existence on 7 october 2005, this has revolutionized the internet session. With this feature, you can keep track of all of your favorite sites in a much organized way. Apart from just viewing your favorite sites, you can also share their articles with your friends. Also it can keep a record the feeds that you have read or not.


    • LinkedIn

      This is the first name that comes to mind when we talk of professional networking sites. The purpose of the site is to allow registered users to maintain a list of contact details of people they know and trust in business. The people in the list are called Connections. Users can invite anyone (whether a site user or not) to become a connection. The main feature of this site is that it allows you make your online resume in a PDF format

    • XING

      The site offers personal profiles, groups, discussion forums, event coordination, and other common social community features. Basic membership is free. But many core functions, like searching for people with specific qualifications or messaging people to whom one is not already connected, can only be accessed by the premium members. The unique feature of this site is the platform uses https and has a rigid privacy and no-spam policy. Unlike many other networking websites, XING provides its paying members very easy email access to any members.

    • Ryze is a free social networking website designed to link business professionals, particularly new entrepreneurs. The site claims to have over 500,000 members in 200 countries, with over 1,000 external organizations hosting sub-networks on the site. Both paid and unpaid membership levels are offered. Founded in late 2001 by Adrian Scott in San Francisco, it was the first of the new generation of social networking services, and was a heavy influence on Friendster, which was founded by early Ryze member Jonathan Abrams in 2002

    • Career Builder

      This is primarily a site used for finding jobs. This has a feature of getting connecting globally or within your country.


    • Facebook

      Today FaceBook is one of the fastest growing social networking site . Why?? because it is simple and fast as compared to others.Facebook is a free-access social networking website that is operated and privately owned by Facebook, Inc. Users can join networks organized by city, workplace, school, and region to connect and interact with other people. People can also add friends and send them messages, and update their personal profiles to notify friends about themselves. The website’s name refers to the paper facebooks depicting members of a campus community that some US colleges and preparatory schools give to incoming students, faculty, and staff as a way to get to know other people on campus.

    • Hi5

      In Hi5, users create an online profile in order to show information such as interests, age and hometown and upload user pictures where users can post comments. Hi5 also allows the user to create personal photo albums and set up a music player in the profile. Users can also send friend requests via e-mail to other users. When a person receives a friend request, he or she may accept or decline it, or block the user altogether. If the user accepts another user as a friend, the two will be connected directly or in the 1st degree. The user will then appear on the person’s friend list and vice-versa.

    • MySpace

      Throughout the course of 2007 and 2008, MySpace redesigned many of the features of its site in both layout and in function. One of the first functions to be redesigned was the user home page, with features such as status updates, applications, and subscriptions being added in order to compete with Facebook. In 2008, the MySpace homepage was redesigned. MySpace Music was recreated in fall of 2008 along with an updated version of the MySpace profile.

Source: Wikipedia

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Play Console based games online

If you are found of playing T.V. based Nintendo console cassette games on your computer then, you must check out the services offered by PlayNes and Nintendo8. These sites offer you to play Nintendo games online without a need of installing any Emulator to your computer. So, this gives an advantage to Linux or Mac users, for which there are less number of Emulators available.


I enjoy playing console based games online when I get free time, these games are light on system resources and have good background music. Some of the NES based games, which I like the most are-

javaAn updated version of Java is required to play above games, you can download Java Runtime Environment from official site of java here . Just select your operating system and install JRE to play NES based games. You can also save the state of game and can play it latter on at PlayNES.

Nintendo8 provides a wide variety of gaming categories, these include action, adventure, arcade, fighting, rpg, racing, sports, etc. It also supports GBA , DOS based games to play online, it also requires Java Runtime Environment to be installed.

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Free Disposable Video Chats

webcam Quite often we want to chat with our friends using our webcam but we all end up with one of our friends doesn’t have the option to video chat inspite of having a web cam. To solve this problem, we will provide you with some of the easily accessible solutions that are available free of cost. Disposable video chats are getting popular among facebook age youngsters that want to chat secretly over the internet. The main features of these video chats are that they are disposable. They do not store any of your data so that you can have utmost privacy. Here is the list of the sites along with their description that provide free of cost video chats:

  • BoostCam :

    Boostcam Easy to use, with no plug-ins, sign-ups required, BoostCam provides a simple solution for two way video chats. The site will generate a unique url every time a user click on the “ start chat now “ button. But the main feature in which this site is lacking is that it could accommodate only two persons at a time.

  • Fonomo :

    Fonomo Based on the similar pattern as that of BoostCam, this has a unique option to join a public chat room .

  • Confabio

    confabio Still in its beta phase, this site also has the simple design and easy to use. This site has more attraction power than any other site as it is more user friendly.

  • Oovoo :

    oovoo This has to be downloaded first and then it is made to use. It is free of cost and has more options than any other does. Up to 6 people can simultaneously be engaged in video chat.

  • Ubiqq :

    ubiqq Similar to above all sites but lack in the number of people that can chat at a time.

  • TokBox :

    tokbox This site can accommodate as large as 20 members at a time. Also the site has a options to invite friends from communities like Twitter, Facebook  and from your IM’s such as Gtalk ,Yahoo, Aol. But to access these options , you have to sign-up at their site which is free of cost.

  • Orgoo :

    orgoo This is also in its Beta version but is simple and easy to use.

Go Hi-Tech is now Chill Geeks

GoHiTech_To_ChillGeeks Yes that is the good news we all have been waiting for. We have purchased a domain from GoDaddy which will give a new life to our blog………ooops our site. We want to thank all our readers who gave their tremendous support. These are the reasons why we opt for purchasing a domain rather than relying on the default the “ “ :

  • Go Hi-Tech received a large number of visitors. The total number of visitors crossed the 10,000 mark and the total number of page views is around 18,000.
  • The blog was receiving a large number of unique visitors everyday.
  • Go Hi-Tech has seen a tremendous amount of increase in the last few months.
  • The name of our blog was not attractive. The “ – “ included in the url of the blog was making it not so apt for the SEO.
  • Go Hi-Tech has the page rank of 2 out of 10 and that was acheived in a short interval of time.
  • is attractive, catchy and easy to remember name which help the site to reach new heights.

The name is changed, the template is changed and all these changes are for good. It all started in May 2007 when Prateek, due to the geek inside him tried the Blogger. He just made a simple blog and left it. It was in July 2008 when Prateek wrote his first post that was meant to be for public ( Starting The First Blog Of Me ). Everything was going smooth but too slow. Then he introduced the blogger to his schoolmate Nishant(that’s me) . Soon I also starting blogging at blog named Tech-Boom but my blogging was not as good as that of Prateek. Here is my first post. Thereafter we realized that we both have the same geek stuff inside us but due to lack of time we were not able to give the much required attention to our blogs. So we both joined our hands to give all our potential to Go Hi-Tech.
We know that after registering to the new domain things would not be easy as we have to rebuild our traffic and brand name but with dedicated readers like you,we have less worried about it.
Meanwhile , we want some help from our partners too. All those of our friends who exchanged the links with us have to redefine our site name on their site.