Google Talk Services Review

Google Talk There are many ways, using which you can access your Google Talk account. These might be using a mobile wapsite like ebuddy, or might be using a mobile application like MGtalk. On desktop it can be accessed via default Google Talk client, using any Jabber client or by use of some web application like iGoogle, Orkut, GMail, Google Talk Gadget, Developer Sand box etc.

Check out how I use to access my Google Talk account, according to my preferences-

If you are unable to view my Google Talk Services Review, then visit to see full page version.
You can use the comment form below to suggest me any other service by Google, for Google Talk, that I might missed off…

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Autocopy Add-on

AutocopyWhenever you prepare for a presentation or report, you Google it, copy from different sources and then paste it. It took a considerable amount of time to copy and paste the data if you have large number of sources. Also it would be a great help for bloggers .Select text on any web page and it will be automatically copied to the clipboard. It works in much the same way as does Trillian or mIrc. Paste on middle click into textboxes, the url bar, and the search bar.

Select some text. Right click on it and see the autocopy content area context menu item filled with usefull features. (old users of autocopy will want to turn this on. In the options page look for "Content Area Context Menu Item"). You can undo a copy; there is a clipboard history of up to 10 items; paste to the search or location box with a click of the button; search for and open in new tab for when you select a text only url. Plus a handy append url to clipboard feature that will make sure your quotes can always have a reference. 

Here is the link to add it in firefox

Web’s Most Dangerous Search Terms

Now whenever you search for Katrina or Shahid Kapoor, just beware as you might be inviting some of the blacklisted anti-viruses to your computer. According to a search conducted by Mc Afee , these two keywords are the very harmful in India. McAfee searched for more than 2,600 popular keywords. For each keyword, they examined the first five pages of results across each of five major search engines. On average, each keyword generated a little more than 250 results. Overall, they examined more than 413,000 unique URLs (web addresses), assigned each keyword a category and a country and then ranked them by the risk of their resulting URLs.< span class='fullpost'> In addition, using data from Hit wise, a search intelligence company, they conducted much deeper dives into specific keywords.Keywords were ranked in two ways: 1) the average risk of all results and 2) the maximum risk of the riskiest page of results.

Here is the list of country specific keywords:

Dangerous Search Terms US


Dangerous Search Terms INDIA


No need to panic as the solution is very simple. You just have to install Mc Afee site advisor so that you could  easily cope up with the bad links. here is the link to Site Advisor

Study Smart …Study Blue

study blue Now you can easily share all your ideas,  lecture notes, flash cards and all other sort of things that you require for your studies is an online academic network available to students and teachers at both high schools and colleges. The Web service provides a variety of study and organizational aids, course management features, academic networking capabilities and other functions to assist students in improving their academic performance and help them study more efficiently. These tools also allow users to become part of a class-based, online, academic network helping them learn from each other through collaboration.

Tools & Features

StudyBlue has tons of academic and communication tools to help students study more efficiently:

  • Class Notes – makes test prep easy.
  • Flashcards with Reminders – study anytime, anywhere; we’ll remind you when.
  • Textbook Outlines – save time with quick review.
  • Share Files and Flashcards – beat the curve, share!

A long, long time ago, in 2007, the site began at the University of Wisconsin at Madison when a computer science student and a business student created a website that offered students an easier way to study for exams and prepare for class. The two students sought help from the University and finally joined a student organization that wanted to help students study more efficiently.

Since its inception, back in the day, StudyBlue has expanded to numerous colleges across the country finding support with other student organizations. Recently, the site has expanded to allow the inclusion of high school students and teachers. We have a huge range of users from high school students to college professors, law students to undergrads all striving to make studying more efficient.

Type in Indian Languages, anywhere…

Now, you can type in Indian Languages, any where over internet, like creating a message, writing an email or while using Gtalk. Google Translation team has come up with easy to use bookmarklets, based on Google Translation API. Supported languages include Arabic, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepali, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu.

It is very easy to use a bookmarklet, just drag and drop it to bookmarking bar, like shown here

 Creating a bookmarklet

Now, whenever you will click this bookmarklet, all text box on that page will be able to accept input in your language. You can use any of following links to get their bookmarklets-

Arabic bookmarklet
Bengali bookmarklet
Gujarati bookmarklet
Hindi bookmarklet
Kannada bookmarklet
Malayalam bookmarklet
Marathi bookmarklet
Nepali bookmarklet
Punjabi bookmarklet
Tamil bookmarklet
Telugu bookmarklet
Urdu bookmarklet

For Hindi Bookmarklet, drag this link – [अ Type in Hindi].

You can find some more bookmarklets, in above mentioned links. Here is a screenshot, how I used it on Facebook

Facebook hindi

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Simple Grey Blogger Template

After working on, learning web designing for last few days. I am up with my first blogger template which is inspired by free CSS layout at Templatemo. Now, I can also convert Wordpess template to Blogger xml templates. Here are some of the features of my first blogger template, Simple Grey.

  • Customize site logo by replacing the image address in template.
  • Elegant background.
  • Featured post with Image on every page.
  • Top Custom links navigation bar.
  • Ads below post titles, change the publisher id to yours.
  • Read more feature enabled.
  • 5 column links section at bottom of page.
  • Blogger default navigation bar removed.



Preview | Download

Create Your Online Card

You don’t need to master any html or photoshop ( leave them for the nerds). You just have to work smart not hard and in few easy steps, you will be having your own Card and that too absolutely free. Make your "tiny" portfolio online in which you’ll be able to integrate your networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.), a little about you and how to contact you. Choose between many nice skins and features Here is look at my :

The design is simple and attractive and the site is too easy to handle. Just signup there for free and you have dozens of designs to chose upon.

Apart from this, has something for the designers too and by asking for skin submissions; each skin can then become a source of revenue for the designers as users select and purchase their skins.

Just go ahead and make your own card at

Keep An Eye On Your Tweets

You are running a site and you want to know all those people who are linking to your site and are constantly tweeting your website. With BackTweets you can easily monitor all those who are linking to your site. How can these be helpful to you ?


Well here are the answers :

  • Connect With Your Fans: Now if you know who are the ones who are tweeting your posts, you can easily start building a relations with them. Connecting with your fans is the most important step i the success of your site.
  • Monitor Your Posts : You can easily monitor your posts and optimize them. If you know all the hit topics of your site, then you should start concentrating on that particular topic theme.
  • Ability To Search Keywords : With an ability to search for keywords, one can easily see if the topic that he is going to post is already tweeted or not.

BackTweets is developed by BackType which is a conversational search engine and index and connect millions of conversations from blogs, social networks and other social media so people can find, follow and share comments. BackType was founded in June, 2008 by Christopher Golda and Michael Montano.

Energy Bliss Visualization

You must have seen so many visualizations for Windows Media Player, but this one is awesome. I mean this is the most simple and yet captivating visualization. Here is the screenshot for the visualization.

enrgy bliss visualisation

The dancing bars and the moving clouds look very charming.You can turn the album art feature either on or off by clicking in the Video and Visualization pane of the Now Playing feature. If you turn the album art off, you can still access it by moving the pointer over the upper-left area of the Video and Visualization pane.
Note that not all album art can be displayed in the Energy Bliss visualization. For example, album art that you have manually added to a file by using the Advanced Tag Editor will not appear.

This particular visualization requires a powerful graphics adapter (video card). If you keep getting a black screen or a dark sky when you are in full mode or full-screen mode, check to be sure your computer system meets the following minimum system requirements:

  • Windows Media Player 10

  • Graphics adapter: 3D accelerator with at least 16 megabytes (MB) of memory

  • Processor: 500-600 megahertz (MHz) or higher

To download, click here

Get Random Posts in GMail Signatures

As a webmaster, I use to put a short signature at end of my every email. If this signature contain a random link from my blog, this would increase my visitor’s traffic more. GMail Labs provides an experimental addon to Gmail, know as Random Signatures. This addon fetches random post links from a given feed url, and appends as your signature at end of post. This drives traffic, if someone reading email, finds that topic interesting.

You can add random post signature to emails sent by enabling labs features and enabling, Random Signature in it. Then, follow these steps-

  • Go to settings of GMail
  • Click General tab
  • Select Signature, and click on “Append a random signature…”
  • You can specify the feed address, in text box, which can be your blog address, or any feed you like.
  • Like I’ve done as shown here-

    Gmail Signature