Rename contacts in Gtalk

It has been my problem for last few years, that whenever I use to login to my Gtalk chat account, I use to see many of names written in stylized fonts, which sometimes makes the name meaning less. So, I recently discovered a way out to this problem, and wanted to share it with you.

If you are also having similar problem, then just login to your Gtalk chat client or GMail chat client…

Gtalk chat client

Just login to your Gtalk chat client, and then right click on the contact you want to rename, and then click “Rename”. There you enter correct name, and now it will appear like what you’ve entered, whenever you’ll log in again.

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GMail based chat

To rename contact in GMail based chat client, just hover your mouse over contact you want to rename, and then, click on name, which will select current name. Then, just type new name assigned to that contact.Gmail

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Free Missed Call Alerts in BSNL

I am a BSNL prepaid connection user, so I use to post updates about latest news regarding BSNL’s new plans. I’ve previously mentioned about some of the BSNL Offers. This time, I came across a service offered by BSNL, free of cost, for which other mobile operators charges about Rs.30 per month, the service is “Missed Call Alerts”.Divert your call to get MCA

By activating Missed call alerts, you can get notifications, about the calls you might have missed when your mobile was switched off or out of reach. It is very easy to activate Free Missed call alerts, just divert all of your voice calls to 17010, and whenever anybody will call you, when your mobile is switched off, then you’ll get its notification, next time you’ll switch on your mobile…

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BatteryCare for your Laptop Battery

taskbarBattery Care is an alternate to power icon in taskbar, for Windows. Battery care shows up percentage of battery remaining and estimated time remaining according to statistical data. It also shows up CPU temperature. It is also light weight on system, and installer is just of 619 KB. It requires MS .NET framework 2 to be installed to run it on Windows OS.

Detail View

You can download this small piece of software, and optimize your battery’s performance by visiting its official site[]

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Learn Strategy with Strat.In As they say,Strat.In stands for Strategy Invented, Strategy Indianized, Strategizing!. I recently came across this site and was amazed by how they carry the things. They put in a lot of effort to discuss the management and the strategy involved by companies in Indian market. So for those who are aspiring for MBA, this would be an icing on the cake. They make the things so simple and put forward in such a way that one can’t resist himself from finishing the article that one has started.

Also this site is open to everyone, anyone can share his ideas with them.  According to , “We, some of the recent graduates of premier institutions in India wanted to contribute to this revolution. We felt that though a lot of people write about technology and even business, but the strategy behind them is rarely discussed. This is our attempt to discuss the strategic decisions and management issues faced in India.”

Today the team includes some of the finest brains of India, either graduating or recently graduated from IIT’s and IIM’s and even some world class institutes. Let me give you an example how I was attracted to this site. Many of us hate India TV and I was not an exception. But when I read the article India’s own news channel: India TV on I was amazed to sea the strategy of India TV and how it was able to maintain its own market.  That was only one example but this site has many.

So in my view, go for