Delete accidental facebook posts

It happens with us, that sometimes, something unexpected gets posted on our facebook profile. Here is the way to remove any of crap you have ever posted on your profile, and do not want to share it with your friends any longer. Just open your profile, and hover mouse over right corner of post, you will find remove.

Remove Click on remove, you’ll be asked to confirm about deletion. Click on Delete.Delete

This can be used to delete any type of wall post on your profile.

Google Reader redesigned version

Recently, Google reader has come up with a new eye candy looks in its version called Google Reader Play. This provides an amazing new way to browse stuff updating over internet, and most importantly no setup is required, just try this link and use buttons like “Star”, “Like”, and “Share”stars,like,share This version of Google Reader is launched under Google Labs for now. This version is optimized for media like Graphics and videos and gives an easy and fun way to read feeds. You can check out more about this version at Google Reader blog or just a give it a try straight away at Google Reader Play.

Google Reader PLay in Firefox

Tab Previews in Firefox

With latest version of Firefox (Firefox 3.6) you can get previews of tabs while switching between them. These tab previews are just like Alt – Tab Previews in Windows. Moreover, these are having extra feature of searching between tabs too… and most importantly, you don’t have to install any extension for enabling this feature.

Search Option in Tab switching

You can also get this type of previews in Firefox, by pressing Ctrl + Tab, after enabling “browser.ctrlTab.previews”, in about:config. To do this, just open about:config in your Firefox browser window, click on the button, “I’ll be careful,I promise!”about:config

This will open Firefox configuration window, from where you can set the value of “browser.ctrlTab.previews” as true. Just type “browser.ctrlTab.previews” as filter and double click to set as true, and you are done! Give it a try by pressing Ctrl + TabPreviews as true

You can always set back the value to “false” if you don’t like the changes.Previews as false

Selecting files in Windows 7

Recently, I discovered a new way to select files in Windows 7, its amazing, one must check it out. It makes work of multiple selection a lot easier. Windows 7 supports checkbox selection. It enable users to select files by help of check boxes. You can enable checkbox selection in Windows 7 by following these steps-

  1. Press start key, and type Folder Options
    Folder Options
  2. Click to open folder options, then click on view tab and check on “Use checkbox to select items” & click OK
    Folder options

And you are done!!

Now, you can see check boxes, whenever you’ll start selecting anything. Like shown here
Multiple Selection Selection Checkboxes

If you don’t like this feature, then you can turn it off anytime, you’d like to…

Create Windows 7 bootable USB

windows7 dvd to usb Many of us are so lazy these days that we do n’t want to use optical media for any purpose. Now, even Mini laptops do n’t include DVD +RW drive in them. My friend having a similar problem came to me, he was not having any optical media drive in hp Mini laptop. So, he asked me about how could he be able to load Windows 7 or Vista into it, and the answer is by creating a bootable usb pen drive. It is very simple to create a bootable USB drive for Windows 7. Here is the whole guide to create Windows 7 USB installation

Preparing the USB drive

  1. Get a 4GB or more capacity of USB pen drive, SD/MMC card might also work (not tested by me).

  • Format the pen drive in NTFS file system and copy all the data of Windows Installation DVD into USB drive.
  • Click on start and click Run… Type cmd and press enter. Run cmd as administartor.
  • Now open the USB drive, for example J: drive is my USB drive, I’ll type J: and press enter.
  • Type-
    cd boot
    bootsect /nt60 J: /force
  • This will make your pen drive as bootable media, adn you can install Windows, as usual from  like from DVD installation.


If you got any problem feel free to use comments section. I’ve also uploaded one video, showing how to create this installation, its shown here