GPRS settings for Nokia 3110c – Tata Docomo

tata-docomo I am a user of Tata Docomo with Nokia 3110c, I was unable to have its GPRS settings to browse internet. I’ve also contacted customer support at Tata Docomo, but there was no positive response. So, I gave it a try myself, and it worked! and  now I want to share with you.

You need to create custom access point to access internet in Nokia 3110c. Steps involved are:

  • Open MenuSettingsConfigurationPersonal Configuration Settings
  • To create a new entry click Add new, or go to Options and select Add new
  • From the list, select Access point
  • Set Account name as “Tata.Docomo.Internet
  • Then, select Access point settings Bearer settings, and set Packet data access point as “tata.docomo.internet

Now, open your mobile web browser and you’ll be able to surf internet on it. I’ve personally tested this for my connection in Haryana, India.