Check your Facebook privacy level

Recently got to know that you can check your facebook privacy level by a simple bookmarklet. Just drag this bookmark to your bookmarks toolbar, and login to your facebook page, and check your privacy levels.

Scan for Privacy

or paste following to your address bar after logging in to facebook-


Press enter, and see the results! privacy

GMail not working

Today, I woke up at 5.30 am, opened my GMail account and started attaching some files to a mail, then I saw that after some time each attachment uploading was getting failed, I retried many times, then I refreshed my Gmail page and observed that GMail was down. It was my first ever personal experience that it was not working for me. I am not sure about what happened at that time but I get following error messages while working on it.

error 717

After refreshing my page, I got this-

error 503