Send SMS using Nokia Ovi Suite

Nokia Ovi Suite LogoFor last few days , I was wondering a way to send SMS by my laptop using a Bluetooth connection to my phone, and finally I got the answer for my problem. You can also send SMS using Nokia Ovi Suite, follow these steps:

  • Download and Install the latest version of Nokia Ovi Suite from here.
  • Connect your phone via Bluetooth or cable from Tools => Add New Device
  • Open Messaging window inside the Ovi Suite
  • Click on “Create message…”
    create message
  • Type the phone number or name of contact(if you have synchronized your contacts earlier)
  • Type the message and click send.

You can carry out ever long conversations, without even touching your mobile. It is useful when you have to send messages which are stored as any text file in your hard disk, or can be useful when you don’t want to type on your phone, or you can try it just for fun!

Facebook Offers “Like” Feature In Comments Too

Facebook now offers the options to like the comments too.This feature was expected to come a quite time earlier. But just after the introduction, this feature, again, is Liked by large number of users. As per the members of Facebook, the LIKE feature is one of the most heavily used features on the site and have proven to be a simple way to discuss posts and show appreciation for the content friends share on Facebook.

Similarly Liking someone’s comment means you are showing appreciation for his comment.
Like Comments
So just try this new feature and enjoy !!.

Now Sites Offering “Like” Status For Facebook

The “Like” feature on Facebook, which is one of the unique feature, is always been a source of attraction. Everyday, thousand of status are liked, some genuine, others to show one or other way of your persona. And the Web 2.0 developers have developed sites that now offer you to “like” status messages and posts that will be directly posted on your profile. Facebook has given the world of internet a number of resources. People like them are using the unique features of the site,

and like us are blogging about them. But one thing is for sure that Facebook has changed the social networking. Now you can find the “Like” feature of Facebook on almost every site, let it be IMDB or Metacafe.

But what these sites get ? They get free publicity. Whenever you like something there, the feed is posted to your profile and it carries a link to their site. In just a few days, I have noticed a bunch of sites that offer you this feature. Some “likes” are indeed funny and its just a matter of one click so one easily like their link. And apart from these, one can also create his own post and make the world like it.

So here is the list of the sites that offer you these feature. All sites are build on similar platform.

FIFA Live Scores Sites

The world is Goal for the next 30 days and for all those who have enthusiasm for FIFA World Cup, this post will serve their purpose. This article will provide you the list of the top sites that provides minute by minute update of the live matches. So here goes  the list:

Live Score Simple and sober, these are the words that best describe the website. If one just want every minute details, visit this site. Formed in 1988, the site is quite popular among football fans. And apart from football, this site also provide live scores of cricket, hockey and some other games.

Flash Scores Just like the above site, Flash Scores also provide the minute by minute update. The site is very user friendly and is also very popular among the fans. Also it provides scores of games like basketball, rugby and tennis.

Scores Pro Another dedicated sports website, this site provides all the relevant details that a soccer fan requires.Scores Pro deliver soccer live scores and live soccer results for more than 237 national soccer leagues, cups & tournaments from 73 countries & more than 60 International tournaments with halftime results, scorers info, yellow or red cards, soccer goal alerts and other soccer live score data before soccer live results, really fast. Soccer scores / results in soccer live score pages auto refresh each 20 seconds.

Live Soccer TV This also provides you minute by minute update of each match. This site has numerous options to attract the football fan. Unlike others, this is a dedicated site to soccer and because of this, has all the data which others don’t.

FIFA This FIFA world cup, follow your team using The official site, but personally speaking, I don’t like this site. The above sites are far better user friendly and deliver the content as user wants. But again, being the official, the details and the data that this site carries is unmatched.

ESPN The official broadcaster of the world cup, this site has the pictures and videos that are hard to find on others. we grew up watching this channel and the contents don’t disappoint us at all.

Apart from these sites, one can easily visit the news channel sites. These sites actually update themselves using one of the above mentioned sites so they are some late.

So all the football fans, gear yourselves for the feast.

Best Sites to Buy Tees In India

This article will provide you the list of some of the best sites to buy Tees in India. First question that arise in your mind is why buy online when you can actually go and buy from an outlet ? But the thing is that the variety that you get online and on the sites that I am describing below is hard to get on outlet. Moreover the prices on the sites below are moderate. So just browse through these sites and look if you might like the designs :

Loot of highly dicounted product ONLY for 24 hours today at 24hoursLoot is an online store for selling a new t-shirt (sometime other products) everyday at deep discounted price in limited quantity. An item is released every midnight at 12AM Indian standard time, seven days a week. If that item sells out during its run (in 24 hours), a new item will not appear until the next release time.

The designs are cool and the prices are low. Just grab the deal before its sold out. Because of the quality of designs and making the tees for current affairs( like FIFA World Cup nowadays)  I personally feel that this is the best site that I came across. And because of this, it is attracted by many.

tantra I first heard about these when some of my college friends bought these Tees from Shimla. They were very funny and all of my friends got everybody’s attention.  Tantra is ‘India-on-a-t-shirt’. The brand captures exclusively the essence of our 5000 year old culture. It’s past, present and future. In a sense it represents the life ‘n’ times of this subcontinent, or, the ‘brown’ race. The content and theme under the Tantra label thus revolve around ideas and things that are native to this land. Tantra (the company) also produces two other fine t-shirt labels. And these are : ‘Barking Dog’ and ‘Line Maro’.

The prices, however,  are moderately high but they are justified considering the fact that the Tees of this brand are unique.

  • Myntra

myntra This one is another cool site which also offers mugs, calendars, bags etc. . The unique thing about this site is that it also offers customized tees. So you can actually design the tees according to your requirements. Founded as a brainchild of 6 IIT/IIM guys in 2006, the site is becoming very popular nowadays.

Be it hunting a unique gift for that special person, a token of recognition for your employees to celebrate their performance, expressing your support for a cause, or just a wearing a couple of lines on your t-shirt to show your attitude, it proves more complex than solving a Rubik’s cube.

pringoo This site again offers wide variety of products like Tees, mugs, posters, stickers etc.. The design are very artistic and the printing quality as claimed by the website is unmatched. Pringoo allows you to create, share and sell your unique designed products combining innovative manufacturing, a robust community, the largest online collection of customizable digital images and unmatched personalization tools to empower to create apparel, mugs, teddybears and more. For anyone who wishes to create, wear, display, sell or celebrate their interests, Pringoo provides a compelling interactive marketplace to a worldwide audience.

printcamp This site gives you the opportunity to print your photos on your tees. These kind of designs were originated in Western Countries and then became popular worldwide. Typically, T-Shirts are worn by anyone and everyone for just about any casual occasion. By going for a photo T-Shirt you can wear your moments of joy around the place and share them on the go.Nothing spreads a message more openly than our Photo T-Shirts. Just choose a photo and a T-Shirt of your choice and create your new Photo T-Shirt.

Best Firefox Add-On

Firefox is undoubtedly the best browser and to make it more user friendly, developers all around the world continue to add value to Firefox. Just a couple of days back I came across two add-ons that I would like to share with you all. Here they are:

  • Text to Speech

This is a very great tool to convert text to speech. The best thing about this is it is too simple to use. I have also written one post on converting the text to audio. Here is that post. But this one is different, one just have to select the text that one wishes to convert to audio, and then just click the button. You will hear about the audio and even have the option to download it in .mp3 format. It is developed by an Indian Vikram Joshi.

text to speech

Another amazing feature of this add-on is its vulnerability to read text in many languages. Below is the screenshot showing the options :

text to voice preferences  But the thing which I don’t like is that it can’t be used offline. But I’m sure that the developers are working on it and soon we can convert the text to audio offline also. But this is not the thing that will stop you from downloading this add-on. Here is the link to download Text To Speech.

  • Fission

Another great add-on that I came across is Fission. This add-on makes your browser Safari style and makes it more stylish. This will show the loading of the page in the address bar and change the cosmetics of your browser. Beautiful, compact and stylish are the words that are best used to describe the add-on.

fission addon

But this add-on has a bug. It is not compatible with all the themes. Therefore, one has to check the compatibility before using. Here is the link to download the Fission.

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