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NetQin – Mobile Guard

Another impressive mobile application that lets you manage your Smartphone like you do your PC.

This application will surely bring your Smartphone on it’s knees. With a single place to watch, install/uninstall, configure, optimize and review you device, this is surely gonna win the hearts.

neqin mobile guard

The interface is clean and simple with features including: neqin

  1. Task monitoring, reviews the active applications.
  2. Network Monitoring, displays the data usage by different sources.
  3. Power Monitoring, shows the battery utilization by different apps.
  4. Software Management, list of various installed applications.
  5. File Management, various files located on the phone and memory device, as well as their properties.


neqin screenshots

Single button optimization lets you reviews your phone performance based on the battery utilization and number of applications running.neqin download

The Network Monitor helps you save costs by keeping an eye on the monthly budget allotted and the counting every bit that your phone is using.

The task manager allows you to get into the running apps and delete unnecessary files and documents.

The power monitor keeps and eye on the battery life. about what is using what and generate tips on improvement.

Try and download from here.

Free GPS Navigation – Waze


Do you always curse yourself for choosing the wrong route and repent not choosing the one towards the left, now here’s something that can change your life for ever, Waze.


waze in India

Waze is a real time, social Smartphone GPS application that connects you with other users of the app. The application collects information from your device’s GPS and uses it to draw maps. The best part, its a social app in which alerts you of the incoming traffic jams and cautions recorded by fellow Wazers.
Waze is empowered by the drivers using Waze. Since the information is driven by people driving around with Waze on their phones, the information is accurate and timed. Errors in the map are can also be reported on the app and those errors are then uploaded online for users around to check.

waze on mobile


What we liked:

  • Real time traffic updates
  • Accuracy, since the alerts are released by actual drivers.
  • In case of traffic congestion, we can alert "moderate", "heavy" and "standstill" traffic condition and decide to change the route or not.
  • Live maps on laptop
  • Automated traffic analyzer by calculating speed.

Downloads in Tabs – Add On For Firefox

We all know, firefox is a memory hogger, takes up a lot of system memory every time you use it. Here’s a simple add on that might help you a little. This little add on open the “Downloads” in the form of  a tab whenever you start with a download.

Download in Tabs Forefox Addon

The firefox “Downloads” pop up certainly lacked chrome’s ease, but this little add on will make your  downloads easier and simpler.


  1. Opens tabs automatically on start of a download.

  2. You have option to choose when a tab opens, only when chosen from menu (when opened from tools menu), automatically when download starts (if a Downloads tab isn’t already open plus previous, default) or anytime when a download starts.
  3. Option to let the tab remain open (default), close automatically after download finishes, active window(tab only in active window) or all windows (that have downloads tab).

Works with Firefox 2.0 – 4.2a1pre

Try it now ! Download here.

Best Free Video Editing Tools

Although there are numerous video editing application available on the internet (most of them listed here). But most of them aren’t very good, some fail to give the desired output while some fail in providing support. Its true free software are always less than one you pay for but still we bring to you the 5 very best from the rest.1 We have also shared with you some of the best video sharing sites, and here is the list on best free video editing tools available on internet.

Microsoft Movie Maker

Comes bundled with Microsoft Windows XP later, Movie maker is one of the best free movie editing software available. Powerful with drag and drop feature, Movie Maker can be considered the best for windows users. Windows also provided a lot of add-ons and updates for the software


Apple iMovie 2

Comparable to Windows Movie Maker, Apple iMovie for the Mac operating system has many advanced features and add-ons apps.It comes free with a new Mac system and can be purchased separately for use on a different system. One of the best free video editing programs available for Mac users.


Avid FreeDV

Available for both Windows and Mac operating systems, Avid FreeDV is powerful tool for video editing that can perform basic video and audio edits. It also features up to two streams of real-time effects. It is slightly hard to use but overall a very powerful software available.


A flexible and high end video editing tool, Wax was first developed as a college project, and has since grown. Wax works for both; home and professional users. It can be used as a stand-alone application, or as a plug-in to other video editors. It also features unlimited video and audio tracks.


Zwei-Stein is one of the best video tools available on the web. It has a great and complicate looking digital layout but is powerful enough to edit up to 256 videos and consists of more than 64 visual effects that can be incorporated.

Capture Your World in 3D: Microsoft Photosynth


Available for iPhone, Microsoft’s Photosynth is powerful application that uses your phone camera and a bit of processing to generate 3D panorama of the view that you are experiencing. The application interface is simple, it requires you to click a number of photographs in well guided manner with different zoom levels thought the process.

Photosynths give an exact idea of the scene in full 360° view without you being actually there. The application has different modes where you can choose to see the 3D view, the 2D view, the Top view or the Point view. An example has been placed below for you to experience the power.

How to create a Photosynth:

  1. photosynth2 Choose the position from where you can see the entire scene you are about to capture.
  2. Take different photos, left/right/up/down/zoom in/zoom out in a guided manner as directed.
  3. The different photos now clicked are joined using the image composite editor or inside the iPhone app itself.
  4. Tada! the panorama is now ready to be viewed and shared.


        Download Links:

        First create a Photosynth account.


    There’s No Way: “How To See Who Viewed Your Profile” Beware!

    facebook-virusYou get a event invite on facebook that claims at telling you a way out for seeing who all viewed your profile. The topic is tempting, after all who wouldn’t like to count the number of boys/girls visiting her/his profile. May be that guy is your ex-boyfriend or even your old boss who’s still stalking you for what you have been doing. Recently Mark Zuckerberg’s facebook profile was hacked, and now this. Most of you might have already got such an invitation from one or many of your facebook friends. But the truth behind, there’s no such method. Facebook  does not provides any code for the purpose and hence claiming to have developed such an app is certainly a SCAM. This can be verified from the facebook FAQs section

    These applications pick random people and numbers from your facebook friend list when you run the scripts and claim as if the data they are providing is based on certain analysis which is as fake as their developers are. Some of these even ask you to complete hefty surveys before you can actually get get through with the method, leading the owner to earn dollars by just fooling you.

    I received the invite, I clicked on it, Now what?

    Well, you just helped a cyber criminal. But don’t worry, you are safe as long as you follow the following steps:

    • Do not click on suspicious looking links that hit your profile (even it came from someone you know well).
    • Be careful to look at the address bar when you enter your password. It must be something like…
    • Change your password frequently and use a strong password.
    • Do not use your facebook password anywhere else on the internet.
    • Visit from your account and delete any apllication with a malicious, fake or stupid name.