Recognize The Song Being Played With Sounhound

You might have come across a situation when your ears perceive a nice piece of music but your brain refuses to recognize the same, even after running series of online searches the song is nowhere found. Here’s a solution, SoundHound. Available for iphone and android and Ovi, this powerful app searches for songs just by listening a part. The results are amazing, precise and it returns you with a list of available download links as well the song lyrics in most cases. Another feature that this app also has is that it can find a Youtube video on a click of a button.

In addition the app features latest chart busters and current favorites. The app enables you to share the song, bookmark it or even buying is possible for a number of tracks.
Check out more at

Available on the Ovi Store Available on the Android Market Available on the App Store

Convert Your Documents, One Format To Other, From JPEG to PDF or PDF to JPEG, WORD to PDF or PDF to WORD

File conversion is a day to day need today. Something that works on your machine might not be compatible with that with your boss. Hence, with this article we try to bring some of the major file conversion methods that shall help you with your stuff.
There are probably two ways, Off-line and On-line. While both the paths are filled with numerous applications to do your job, we have gathered some of the very best.
Off-line Softwares
There are hundreds of junks of codes availaible to convert your pdf documents while we are here including the best one(s) for the most basic of issues.

  • PDF2JPG is a small, free and powerful tool that quickly converts pdf documents into different picture image formats like JPEG,GIF,PNG etc.The piece of software will be particularly usable when you need to convert a part of an document so that it cannot be edited easily or when you need to publish those pages in that ebook quickly on the Internet.

SmartSoft PDF converter is yet another PDF converter that can be used for converting PDF files into word documents. This piece of software was tested to be real quick and accurate.

On-line Software
Off-line softwares are quick and hassle free yet offer very limited number of options, hence you might (like us) want to opt in for their On-line counterparts. Here we have explained some of the most used websites and their brief intros.
Zamzar is a free web tool that can handle files for upto 100MB in size and convert them into a number of availaible formats.You can view the long list of supported file formats here.
The file conversion is quick and the converted file is delivered to your email.

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Get back to Old Facebook Chat

Old Facebook Chat

In this article we’ll describe you how to get back to old facebook chat.Changes are often difficult to accept in the fast changing world of the internet due to increased complications while you experiment with the stuff. For example when Google introduced the black top bar on their main page, many got irritated and searched for ways to revert back to the old theme. You might be aware of the latest facebook-skype integration that lets you video call right from your facebook account. Along with this, facebook has introduced a new chat feature, a new sidebar that displays your most talked to friends without taking into account their online or offline status.


This might seem useful, like the creators intended or on the other hand it might have fallen on you as a curse of not getting everyone of your online friends and needing to search for everyone you wish to ping, at the same time forgetting about a few lesser recalled. If that matches your current vibes, just read ahead and you shall get a solution.

Chrome Installation:


Installing on Google Chrome is rather easy. You need to follow these steps to get back to old chat:

  1. Click  here. You will be redirected to a page shown below. Just click the install button below.script_install_facebook chat reversal
  2. You will see another pop up like the one shown below:Chrome Installations Ignore the warning and click Continue.
  3. Again you’ll see a pop-up like the one shown below:
    Chrome InstallationAgain, click on install.
  4. After this, restart your browser and will see your old facebook chat back in action.

If anyhow, you didn’t like the application, you can install the application by following the steps below:

  1. Click on the wrench tool>point to tools>extensions:
  2. You will get another tab opened like this:
    Uninstall scriptJust click on uninstall and restart the browser and you’ll get back to new Facebook chat.
Firefox Installation:


In order to accomplish this task, you need to install Greasemonkey script, with firefox. Now click here and install this script which shall reverse facebook chat automatically everytime you login into your account.

Now just refresh the page and see all your online friends back again.



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Find Out Your Email Has Been Read Or Not

Always wondered if that document you mailed to your colleague has been read or not. If he/she has even really opened the email or is just lying. Here’s a simple solution to find if your email has been read or not. 
With SpyPig, you can find out when your email has been read by the recipient. No more guessing!

SpyPig provides you with an simple tracking system that sends you an notification email as soon as your email has been read by the recipient. Along with it also reveals the location where your email was read.
It works with virtually all modern email programs: Outlook, Eudora, Yahoo Email, Gmail, Hotmail, AOL Email and many others.
SpyPig is FREE, no advertisements, no Spams,and practically untraceable. So enjoy in the Pig farm.

Try it now, Click here!

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Migrate From Facebook to Google+

Google, undoubtedly has always been the hero and that’s the reason within a week after the test release of its new social networking website, Google+, Google lovers around are eager to migrate completely into it from their respective Facebook accounts.
Here’s we bring to you a simple solution that might help you to migrate from Facebook to Google + until Google releases Google+ publicly.

Migrate From Facebook to Google +

The major things that shall lead you migrate are probably your photos, posts, notes and your friends. While moving on with the photos is easy, convincing all your friends to sign up for the service is entirely in your hands. Here, we will use the tool provided by Facebook itself to accomplish our motto and not any third party software,
the magic happens at where you can actually download all your personal data stored on the facebook servers. It lets you get a copy of almost everything
Step 1:
Log into Facebook with your account,
Step 2:
Go to the top right hand side of your Facebook page. Click on “Account”, then “Account Settings
Step 3:
Click on “Download Your Information” and then click on “learn more”.
Step 4:
You will now be at Click on the download button.

Click on the Download Button once again
It usually takes a few hours before facebook sends you a confirmation email and your data is ready for download.
Step 5:
Once you get an email from Facebook announcing the readiness of your download, follow the link, and validate yourself. You will be asked to:
a. Enter your password
b. recognize your facebook friends from tagged images of them. If you’re the sort who adds people without really knowing them, then you might have trouble here. You’re allowed two skips at this stage.
Step 6:
After successful validation, your download shall began instantly and make sure you download this at once, since if you miss it, the whole process has to be repeated again.
You now have all your facebook photos with you. Now upload them either directly to your Google+ account or you may also choose to download the Picasa desktop client and upload them to a web album.

To help your friends migrate…

Step 1:
Sign in to your Yahoo! accounts
Step 2:
Go to the the contact options, and select import contacts
Step 3:
Select “Facebook” and link your facebook account with your Yahoo! account.
Step 4:
Now login to your Google+ account and within circles, choose to include your Yahoo! contacts. This will now include all your facebook friends as well.
Step 5:
Now add you friends in your circles, and let Google do the rest, inviting them over.

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