Download Entire YouTube Playlists

Ever felt tired while downloading all major videos from a YouTube playlist, well there are a number of freeware available that will help you to download entire YouTube playlist with the ease of a click. Here we are mentioning a few of them:

Free YouTube Download


This awesome piece of software not only lets you download all videos from a playlist but your have options like – all video from YouTube charts, all video responses to a YouTube video, all videos of a selected YouTube user or a channel, all video from the user favorites. Get it here.
It also lets you convert those videos in standard PC formats like AVI, FLV, MP4, MPEG etc.

Bulk YouTube Downland (a Firefox add-on)


This Firefox add-on is bound to save lots of your time and gain appreciation as you will see how this fantastic little tool will help you download your favorite YouTube videos with a single click. It lets you choose which videos to download by simple checking them on. It displays all videos related somehow to the video that you have selected and then lets you select the ones you need to download. Firefox integration makes it even more easier to download them alongside browsing the net for more. Click here to get it.

Test your Website on Various Screen Sizes With Screenfly

When your are a web designer and are working on some project that demands multiple platforms, the you need to check it for all possible screen sizes, resolutions, different web browsers and speeds. Screenfly is a web app that will help you with by doing the entire work for you.


imageAll you need to do is enter a website and then select the device you want it load in from the bottom menu. You have options to view your site in desktop, mobile, tablet and TV versions. The desktop version allows you to choose the screen size from 10” notebook to a 24” desktop, you can choose to view to Apple, Samsung, Motorola and Velocity tablets. The TV version display in 480, 720p and 1080p resolutions and you can also choose to view on different mobile OS. All these include further model and screen size options. You can also choose to enable scrolling and choose to change the screen orientation from portrait to landscape.

It is one of the best tools available to test your webpage without actually going for different devices.

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Add Mouse Gesture to Google Chrome Browser

imageWith this post we bring to you an excellent new Chrome extension that will help you browse the world more easily. However keyboard shortcuts make your tasks much easier but mouse gestures simplifies then ever better. This extension enables “Mouse Gestures” and then you can simply browse through your stuff without even having to lift your hand. All thanks to Smooth Gestures.

imageSmooth Gestures heightens your chrome experience. The extension comes with some predefined gestures that can be edited as well. you can even add your own custom extensions. All you need to do is install this extension from here and tada!


After viewing the list you can edit and add options of your choice.To perform a gesture just hold your right mouse button and move your mouse along the pattern. You can reload a webpage, open  new tab, go back, go forward, open a new window and many other functions through gestures.


Create Multiple Desktops in Windows with nSpaces

When you have too many open applications in your task bar, it sometimes makes it very tasksome to manage all of them simultaneously, the result you fail to complete your task. Here we bring to you a solution that might help you in this regard and focus your attention only to one task at a time.


nSpaces helps you create multiple copies of your desktop so that you can have different apps working in different desktops and focus on a single task at a time. It is a free to use desktop application that you can safely download to your computer and nSpaces_SystemTraycreate multiple desktop spaces. Once you install the application, the nSpaces icon appears in your System Tray from where you can control and manage its working. You can edit the number of spaces, the hotkey and te activation keys. You can even specify a unique label to each of your spaces for easy recognition and switching.

Each of the spaces can open and maintain different apps for doing different work and the apps remain there while you work on some other space. You can change the desktop wallpaper and personalize the view on each of the desktop windows.

Try it now, download here.

Comibine Your Social, Photo and Blog Feeds With TimeKiwi

imageIt is always time consuming when you wish to check updates for all of your social networks and you end in jumping from one website to another. This is further aggravated when you wish keep a check on your favourite blogs and photo sites too. however many websites offers solutions for the same, but what we are talking abouut is here is probably the fines and most beautiful solution of all, TimeKiwi.

imageTimeKiwi presents all your feeds in a beautiful timeline format. You start by authorizing with your facebook or (and) twitter accounts and then add more services as you go further. As of now, it suppots Twitter, Tumblr, Posterous, WordPress, Instagram, Flickr, FourSquare and RSS feeds. All you need is to log in and add services of your choice. And as per the recent update, you can hide individual items on the timeline, that you don’t want public. Just hover over an item, and click hide in the top right corner


You can also sign up for premium packages starting from just $5 a month.

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Create Free Posters Online with Posterini

imagePosters are a beautiful way to express anything everything that text and images alone can’t do. They combine text and images to effectively say your voice and designing an attractive poster can be a tedious task, but thanks to Posterini you task is highly simplified.





Just start working by uploading a background picture for your poster and choose other options as you go further. Add your photo, choose a theme and change the text. that literally all what you need to do.imageYou have plenty of designs and themes to choose from and you can add any of them. Along with themes, you may choose to apply a custom filter to to your background image and add edit all the text from the theme and add more text for your image. You can even choose an “Output Magic Theme” which makes your poster publish at a imaginary fun location after you make one. You can now save either a short version of your creation or pay a small amount to download a high definition version. It also provides you an option to share your poster on different social networks.

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Plan and Divide Work Among Friends With ToDoFeed

It is always wide to divide the work equally among all participants while you do a job or plan a leisure. Wouldn’t it be fairly easy if everyone gets to plan and choose what he/she does and like wise divide responsibilities and tell everyone at the same time. Here’s when ToDoFeed can be helpful.


For example, when you wish to plan an event, you need divide and assign the tasks of publicity, design, content, management, permissions etc. with all your friends/members or when you are to plan a weekend trip then you have loads of work to be divided among. With ToDoFeed, you can join in with your friends in your planning. All you need to do is signup for an account, create a task and add duties. You can connect and invite your friends via email or Facebook and let them do their part.

After your friends accepts your invite to join your task, he/she can himself choose what they want to do or you can assign them something on your own. At the same time, everyone else participating gets to see what others are doing.

A great service to try, Click here.

CrushAider: Find If Your Crush Feels The Same About You

Crush Aider LogoThis might seem funny and vague, but i came across by while surfing and thought of sharing with you guys, a break from work might be.This is very similar to Crushbits, where you can play pranks with your friends. However, this simple little service claims to verify if your crush likes you or not without tampering your privacy. Lets take a look how it works.

Crush Aider

It might feel awkward and embarrassing to express your feelings with the opposite sex, especially hen you are not sure of the reply that you will face. CrushAider helps you with this, a free o use web service, it help you find the answer to your question. The process is simple, all you need to do is add your Crush’s name and contact details such as his/her email address. The website then sends an anonymous message to your crush. if he/she “crush backs” with your name, the website reveals all the identity and helps you two meet. Otherwise, your name is secret and is never revealed to anybody.

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Create Beautiful Webpages with Ease : Smore

imageIf you wish to create sleek and beautiful webpages and you are in a hurry, then Smore is a solution for you. Whether it is a blog post or a website, you an do it all with Smore. All it asks is for your facebook authorization and you can start at the instant.

However, the service is currently in a private beta phase, you can request your account and can even get one easily. After you get your account, just login and start creating your page by selecting the base theme.

The rich text editor helps you place your content at the right place. Also, you may choose tochange the page background, font style for your site. After this, you can publish the webpage on the internet. You have options to share your web page with friends using the inbuilt social widget. Along with this, you get complete analytics for your newly built web page, all the data about the traffic, the sources and how did people got to your webpage. It also generates outgoing data of where people want after going through your pages.

If you want to know how to create instant flash pages, click here.

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Track Your Spendings and Save More With GrndCtrl

imageThere are times when you calculate how long it would take you to buy a certain desire or go for a holiday, but going undertaking all your expenses, savings and earnings manually can be a tedious job. So here we are with a solution that will help you solve your problems by doing all the math for you.


Grndctrl is a free to use web application that undertakes all your expenses and earnings and lets you add your rewards to your wish lists. It helps you find the time period required for you you buy and for a certain thing. All you need to do is enter details for your monthly earnings from various sources and regular and miscellaneous expenses. Then add your rewards that is all the items that you wish to buy and GrndCtrl performs the rest for you. You can also add your savings with the monthly interest you get and deduct a certain percentage of tax from your income.

The app generates pie charts and graphs for your savings and your expenditures, It precisely calculates the number if years, months and days before you can buy your reward.



At the bottom of the page, you can see the calculated time for your rewards.

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