15 Things to Look For When Buying a Tablet

A literal barrage of new model tablets has hit the market and more are coming. This overwhelming array of options doesn’t exactly help the average buyer to make the right choice. Tablets are for those who want something more than just a smart phone for their tasks, but don’t want to lug a laptop around. We’ll help you look for all the right things in a tablet to make your decision process a bit easier.
1. Display Size
The iPad, at nearly 10 inches weighing 1.6 lbs is considered bulky even with all this popularity. The Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Kindle Fire both have 7 inch screens. The tablet size you’re comfortable with depends on the size of your hands as well – if you have excessively small hands, an iPad might be difficult to manage for a long time. The bigger screen size will aid in giving a good exposure to BingoHouse.
2. Operating System
The OS must allow for multi-tasking, must not take up too much memory for internal processes and must be fast. Android, iOS and Windows 7 make for robust OS while Symbian and other OS are falling by the wayside.
3. multi-touch Interface
A multi-touch interface allows you to register more than one touch at a time. This speeds up the tablet considerably, since being able to register multiple touches requires a fast processor.
4. A Robust Library Of Applications
Check if the platform you choose provides a good set of applications for download. For example, the Google Android Marketplace has over 80,000 apps for its users, while iTunes has over three million apps for download.
5. Storage Space
If you’re one who loves to use multimedia, you need at least 16GB of space. There are the three flavors of iPad which 16, 32 and 64GB storage space. On the other hand, there’s the Dell Streak which has only 2 GB internal space but allows expansion via micro SD to 32GB.
6. Camera
If you plan to use your tablet for video conferencing and video chat, you need a camera, specifically a front-facing one. iPad 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab have both front and rear facing cameras, while the Kindle Fire has no camera at all.
7. Support For Adobe Flash
A number of websites still use Flash, so it’s better to get a tablet that supports Flash. Presently, Apple’s devices do not support Flash. If Flash is important to you, get an Android tablet.
8. Bundled Connectivity
Your chosen tablet should support at least Wi-Fi and Bluetooth options; great if you can get 3G and GPS support as well. For example, iPad comes in Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi plus 3G options as well.

9. Battery Life
The iPad works for 10 to 12 hours once you’ve charged it to the max. Samsung Galaxy Tab plays video for 7 straight hours, and allows for 10 hours of non-resource intensive work. Apple and Android will be your best options for long battery life.
10. Choice of Wi-Fi Or 3G
You’ll also need to decide whether your tablet should be 3G compatible or Wi-Fi compatible, or perhaps be able to support both, like the iPad 2. The flip side is that Wi-Fi only models are less expensive, but getting both connectivity options allows for greater flexibility.
11. Choice of Open Or Closed Source Platform
The advantage of an open-sourced platform such as Android is that you can enjoy greater flexibility and personalization. You’ll also be faced with surprises and changes. If you like constancy, go for a closed-sourced platform like the iOS.
12. Keyboard Options
Check if your tablet allows you to use a wired keyboard dock or a Bluetooth wireless keyboard as the iPad does. Android tablets offer several great onscreen keyboards such as Swype. Look for a tablet that includes USB port so you can dock your tablet and use a standard USB keyboard for intense content creation.
13. Voice Command Options
Another aspect to check out for intense content generation needs is voice command. iPad does not allow this unless you jailbreak the device. However, you can download the Vlingo voice control app for Android, or use Windows 7 or 8 tablets that come with built-in voice dictation functionality.
14. Price Factor
This is probably where all the pondering stops and the actual decision takes place. iPad’s pricing begins at $499 and goes up to $829 based on the configuration. Samsung Galaxy Tab will put you back by $600, while the Kindle Fire is $200. Check out different prices and compare what you get for the price before deciding on the right tablet.
15. Platform Compatibility
If you use more than one smart device, you’ll want a more or less consistent platform experience on all of them. It doesn’t make sense to work on iOS in an iPad if your smart phone is Android. You may also want to check carrier compatibility; using multiple carriers for different devices will be expensive and impractical.
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Download Songs Directly To Your iPod

It might sometimes feels a bit hectic for the world’s best music playing device to be dependent on a PC for downloading songs and for you to wait that long. iPod touch, every music lover’s desire can not only play your favourite songs, music and videos but helps you have your documents with you anytime with ease. With this article we shall tell you about one of the best methods to download music directly on your iPod without using your PC.

For obvious reasons downloading music directly on your iPod will require internet connectivity, so please be sure of that. As you may already know that not all file types are compatible with your iPod, however the most common, MP3, AAC, VBR, WAV, AIFF, and AAX can be played with ease.


Direct Download with Music Meow

Music Meow is a simple music download application that runs smoothly on your iPod. You may get the installer by using Cydia (You will need to jailbreak your iPod Touch before you get Cydia).

After installing the app, open the application inside your iPod.

You can now see three categories on your home screen, Search, Top 10 songs and Recent Searches. Just browse through these categories or make a new search, find and tap on the song you want and tada!, download your favourite song.

Create free Disposable Emails and Transfer them to RSS

You probably have heard/read about or even used one or more of the disposable email services that helps you create free email ids that you can give to demanding services and throw away but have you ever wanted to get those emails someway without reaching your main inbox. Here is a solution for your problem, mmmmail.

Mmmmail helps you with this by redirecting all your emails to this email ID to a RSS feed that you read later. It generates a mmmmail.com/yourchoice.xml feed as you type in for an email address so that you can see your emails in your RSS timeline.imageHowever your mailbox feed is public and anyone can subscribe to it. Also, no email older than 3days stays in your list

Go ahead and use your newly created email id with bugging web services craving for your email ID and clean up the mess from your inbox.

Try now, Click here.

Skip youtube videos by 30% without any plugin

On an average, the first 30% of most YouTube videos are a waste of time. For a 6minute video that amounts to 2minutes of your precious and bandwidth. There might be different plugins available to help you with this, but here we are today, unveiling an extremely useful bookmarklet that will help you with this.

This simple tool pushes Youtube videos by 30% of their duration. And for this, you don’t even have to download any third party software or script in your browser. All you have to do is click on the simple bookmark from your bookmark. The bookmarklet is called Wadsworth Constant Bookmarklet.


With this With Wadsworth Constant Bookmarklet, you can open any YouTube video and let go of the first 30% of the video, which is usually not important. All you need to do is append “&wadsworth=1” to the video URL and the magic begins.

For your comfort, we found this petty amazing bookmarklet, that we just discussed which automatically adds “&wadsworth=1” at the end of the video link.

Just drag this link to your bookmarks tab and you are done.

Create Fake SIRI Conversation Screenshots

If you want to amuse your friends with this fake SIRI conversations then read along. Here is an exciting little website that enables you to create screenshots of your conversation with the amazing new Iphone 4S SIRI. Fake SIRI Conversation

To begin with, point your web browser here. Now all you have to do is enter the desired conversation, that you wish to fake in the specified format.
Fake SIRI screenshot

That is all you need to do. iFakeSiri creates realistic conversation screenshots with the text that you have entered. And you don’t even need

Now A Comic Book On Steve Jobs


The Zen of Steve Jobs is a comic book that features the life of Steve Jobs  during the time when he was fired from Apple and travelled the globe. The comic revolves around his friendship with Kobun Chino, a Japanese Buddhist monk. He was also Steve’s spiritual guru.

The comic consists of well illustrated 80 pages, blending fiction with facts. So if you plan to buy the book to know about Steve Jobs, you might want to rethink and go for the biography of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. However, the comic is pretty inspiring.

The comic book is developed by Forbes and JESS3 and is written by Jesse Thomas, who is also the CEO and Founder of JESS3. Jesse pitched his idea to Bruce Upbin, an Editor at Forbes, who immediately had an appreciation for Jesse’s vision. Shortly afterwards production began as a collaboration between JESS3 and Forbes.

You can buy the comic book at Amazon and the digital edition for Kindle Fire.

Following is a preview of the book.

The Zen of Steve Jobs

The Zen of Steve Jobs

The Zen of Steve Jobs

The Zen of Steve Jobs