Create Fake SIRI Conversation Screenshots

If you want to amuse your friends with this fake SIRI conversations then read along. Here is an exciting little website that enables you to create screenshots of your conversation with the amazing new Iphone 4S SIRI. Fake SIRI Conversation

To begin with, point your web browser here. Now all you have to do is enter the desired conversation, that you wish to fake in the specified format.
Fake SIRI screenshot

That is all you need to do. iFakeSiri creates realistic conversation screenshots with the text that you have entered. And you don’t even need

Now A Comic Book On Steve Jobs


The Zen of Steve Jobs is a comic book that features the life of Steve Jobs  during the time when he was fired from Apple and travelled the globe. The comic revolves around his friendship with Kobun Chino, a Japanese Buddhist monk. He was also Steve’s spiritual guru.

The comic consists of well illustrated 80 pages, blending fiction with facts. So if you plan to buy the book to know about Steve Jobs, you might want to rethink and go for the biography of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. However, the comic is pretty inspiring.

The comic book is developed by Forbes and JESS3 and is written by Jesse Thomas, who is also the CEO and Founder of JESS3. Jesse pitched his idea to Bruce Upbin, an Editor at Forbes, who immediately had an appreciation for Jesse’s vision. Shortly afterwards production began as a collaboration between JESS3 and Forbes.

You can buy the comic book at Amazon and the digital edition for Kindle Fire.

Following is a preview of the book.

The Zen of Steve Jobs

The Zen of Steve Jobs

The Zen of Steve Jobs

The Zen of Steve Jobs

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Spread And Share Your Google+ Profile And Help People Add You In Their Circles

Now  weeks after Google+ was launched, you might have probably reached here searching on ways to share and spread link to your Google+ profile so that more and more people  add you to their circle. As you might have noticed by now, Google+ sharing is more like that in titter than that compared to Facebook . Here, sharing is no mutual, a person can simple see your public posts as soon as he/she adds you to one of his circles(or he follows you). While with a facebook friendship request, both parties can each other’s posts once they accept the friend request. So you need more and more people to add/follow you in order to have more impressions/comments on your posts.

A standard Profile URL looks something like this
In this article we shall help you accomplish this by mentioning various methods by which you can share your Google+ profile easily with your friends.

1. A Google+ Profile Button

You can get a Google+ profile button and share the same on your blog website here.Google plus profile buttonJust paste the link to your profile in the space provided, choose your button size and your button is ready to use. Here’s my button.

2. Profile Shortners

Profile link shorteners are specific websites that help you shorten your profile link so that share them with more ease.
Here’s a short list

Just log on to any of these websites, copy your profile ID in the space provided, choose a username, and tada!. Your Google+ short profile link is now ready

Mine is here.