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MoFuseBlog Now you can easily create free mobile version of your website or blog using a service known as MoFuse. This service easily converts your blogger blog or wordpress blog to their mobile version, along with many other features too. I’ve also created my blog’s mobile version using this service only. You can checkout the mobile version of Chill Geeks at or at







To create a mobile version of your blog, you need to have feeds enabled. This service fetches feeds and rephrase them in mobile version. Just follow the following steps to get your own mobile site.

  1. Open select MoFuse premium service or select MoFuse for Blog, for your blog.
  2. Just enter your blog’s URL and click Mobilize!
  3. Enter the details for your web blog or web site, and you will be signed up for this service. You will get mobile version of your site at [your choice]
  4. You can also setup custom domain mapping to your blog by selecting your blog and then selecting custom domain option, and entering the custom domain, and save it as shown in screenshot
  5. Now go to your DNS settings panel and add the required CNAME record.

And you are done with setting up your own mobile blog, for custom domains, it will take some time to come up live on web.

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