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If you are write for your blog, for some one else’s blog or if you write some kind of online articles, then here’s a simple tool for you that works as a personal SEO for you while you write your stuff. Inbound Writer informs you about all the related conversations, searches and many more things while you arte your topic. It monitors Social Media and Search Engine Optimization keywords in real-time time of your writing and helps you to improve your article.

However like all great things, this isn’t entirely free but you can manage with 8 free posts a month with a single account.

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Inbound Writer is rather very easy to use and can be easily utilised by even a novice. In the begin it asks you to give three words that describe your post and then it uses those words to drive search keywords for your article.

Additionally you can supply Inbound Writer with upto three URLs that have authoritative information about your article.



After this some keywords will be generated that will help you shape your article based on what people have been talking about your topic.

The document score helps you determine your use of targeted keywords in your article.

You just need o continue writing based on advices that the writing has been giving you and you shall automatically see your readings go up as more people reach your article via searches and social media.Inbound-Writer-Focus-Terms2

This saves you all the effort of learning about SEO and social media trends and leaves you to focus on the writing, while still getting you some great results.

Try it here.


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