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Last month I launched a new site, loaded with few cool mobile products and other stuffs. . I have linked it to Google Analytics to have a summary of visitors viewing my site. But I wasn’t satisfied much with it as it doesn’t provide Information about the traffic coming from Mobile Users . Lately I came across a super Cool website which offers Mobile Analytics in detail .

It was Stan Wiechers who launched a super cool new service that provides Free Mobile Analytics – PercentMobile – A New York based Company.

PercentMobile is a New York-based mobile analytics firm that helps global brands understand their mobile Internet audience.

It is a fully hosted mobile analytics service that measures and analyzes the mobile traffic to your Desktop or Mobile Web Site.

7 Reasons to Consider Mobile Analytics by PercentMobile

· Easy to understand mobile analytics reports.

· Built from the ground up for mobile-specific data.

· On-demand. Fully hosted.

· Support is just a tweet away.

· Born out of extensive mobile experience.

· Features for brands, agencies, and enterprise.

· It’s free.

Check it out if you want to see how many of your users are viewing your site on a mobile device and what kind of device they are using.



How does it work ?

Percent Mobile

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