Create a ScreenCast in One Click with ScreenCastle


is a simple and beautiful web site that lets you record your computer screen right from your web browser without using any external software. The interface is simple, all you need to do is click on the big orange power button on the page, authorize a few settings and tada!, you are now ready to record your screen.


After clicking the orange, you might have to allow Java to run on your machine.ScreenCastle_JavaWarning

You might also want to resize the recording screen size from the Java Pop-Up windows that appears next



Additionally, you can also choose between in case you wish to add audio, via your microphone or not. After this, just let the recorder record and continue your work. When you are done, you have plenty of options to move further. You can preview your screencast or publish it to ScreenCastle’s site, and also, you can get a direct download link to download the video in flv format.You also get embed codes, and thumbnail images of your screencast to share it with the world. There’s currently no limitations of screencast duration, size, or even number of recordings, but videos published on the site that are not viewed for a year may be deleted.

Try now, Click here.

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