Epic Browser-India’s Own Browser

Epic Browser- India's own Browser With the launch of Epic Browser, India has got its own browser. Although powered by Mozilla, this has fulfilled the need of Indians. A design that perfectly matches Indian culture, the browser has very well come at par with the expectations. The themes, wallpapers, and everything else is dedicated to Indian Culture. People are also welcoming the launch and just 2 days after the release, it has 1500 fans on facebook. Another feature that is catchy is that it is offered in many regional languages.

The themes are the best part of the browser and gives you the feel of Indian Culture. And as they claim, it is the only browser that comes with an antivirus. The sidebar not only make it more productive, but also add aesthetic value to it. In other words, its a complete package for everyone.

Why We Think That It Is The Best Browser

If we look at the strategy behind the this browser, we can easily understand the above statement. Epic Browser has clearly segmented itself into its usage. By this we mean that it is made keeping in mimd each and every individual. Take for example the case of youngsters. They have emphasized on social networking sites, they have made their browser look cool, they have options to clear all the private data in a single click and in all the best package tat any browser can offer. Now take the case of webmasters. With the enormous Epic Browsertools and applications that can be installed( since the platform is quite similar to that of facebook), they are proving themselves to be more productive than any other browser.
So winding up, Epic browser not only make you more productive, but also it gives you an essence of Indian culture.
When you build a website, make sure to check that it works in all browsers, not just the common ones. Just remember that if you aren’t using the Epic Browser, you’re still vulnerable to attacks from hackers, viruses and worms. Make sure you protect yourself and your data by investing in security measures that have two-factor authentication so your logins are safe and secure.

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