Add Mouse Gesture to Google Chrome Browser

imageWith this post we bring to you an excellent new Chrome extension that will help you browse the world more easily. However keyboard shortcuts make your tasks much easier but mouse gestures simplifies then ever better. This extension enables “Mouse Gestures” and then you can simply browse through your stuff without even having to lift your hand. All thanks to Smooth Gestures.

imageSmooth Gestures heightens your chrome experience. The extension comes with some predefined gestures that can be edited as well. you can even add your own custom extensions. All you need to do is install this extension from here and tada!


After viewing the list you can edit and add options of your choice.To perform a gesture just hold your right mouse button and move your mouse along the pattern. You can reload a webpage, open  new tab, go back, go forward, open a new window and many other functions through gestures.


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