Create your Portable Application

thinapp I keep formatting my computer in every 2-3 weeks to keep the speed of my PC up, but the greatest disadvantage of this practice is that it causes me to install same essential softwares, every time I freshly install Windows on my PC. So, I found out a solution to my problem, which is use of Portable applications. Now I tend to use maximum number of portable applications, which reduces the time taken in installation, and hence make me more productive. I think its just my motherboard drivers which are not portable for me, but everything else is Portable.

It is very easy to create Portable version of any application using VMWare ThinInstall or VMWare ThinApp. I create independent software package using this and run them without installation. Other advantage is that, applications made by Thinapp does not require administrator privileges to run,  and it does not effect system files as well.
This application is very light weight, less than 6 MB setup and comes with 60 days evaluation period. So check out this application using download button, below

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