React OS – Open source Windows

I am using windows operating system for last decade and also sometime install Linux based distributions for testing purposes, this time I’ve found something really amazing to test operating system on my PC, and this amazing thing is React OS. It is Windows NT based open-source operating system, which supports Windows binary (exe) to run in it.reactos_cdcover

React OS is still under heavy development and is in alpha stage of development. The developers itself recommend not to use for daily purposes, till some more improvements are made; but if you are a computer geek and love to try out different OS, then you may give it a try. You can download React OS by various means-

  • Download React OS as Installation CD, Live CD
  • You can also run it virtualized using VMware virtual machine or QMenu
  • You can also get the source code of React OS

You can get to downloads page of React OS at here.

Please give your valuable reviews about this OS in comments section.

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