HardlyWork.in–Make Facebook Look Like Work

There are times when you feel bored at work or college lab and there is literally nothing to do but there is no way you can check your facebook account without looking unprofessional. Here we have a solution for you that will make facebook look like work, called HardlyWork.In


A free to use web application, HardlyWork.In lets you log into your facebook or twitter account and then transform your feed by masking it it with a spread sheet.

All you have to do is allow the application to use your facebook account and tada! You can now view your wall inside a spread sheet.



For photos and videos, just mouse over on the name or link and the image appears on the bottom right corner of the page

And there’s still more, in case you feel like somebody is watching over, just quickly press space bar and the screen is replaced with an actual spread sheet instantaneously.


Try now, head to HardlyWork.In

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