Hide Your Facebook Updates From Family

Hide update from

Most of people using Facebook have problems that status updates are visible to all. However, what you want  is ,to update your status and share this with your friends except a few people or family. Well here is the trick to hide your Facebook updates from your family.

Here is how you can do this, just follow these steps-

Step 1

Manage Lists

Go to this address http://www.facebook.com/bookmarks/lists

Step 2

Click on create list. Name your list whatever you want.


Step 3Add Friends to list

Click on Add Friends, add the members from which you want to hide your status updates.

Step 4

Now go back to Facebook homepage and select Custom from the list.

Status Update
Type the name of the list you just created, in the section “Hide this from”.

Hide update from
Click on save changes and update your status..

Enjoy 🙂

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