How to Synchronize Your Facebook Events with Google Calendar

add facebook events to google calendarIf Google Calendar has become your favourite place to mark all important events and you rely on those alerts to plan your day to day activities, then you might wish to automate the task of adding another very important events, that is your facebook and twitter events to the Google Calendar. Here is exactly a web service that will make this easy for you.

With feedCal, all you need to do is, authorize the service with your Google account and the with your facebook account.

Here are the steps to be followed:

  1. Point your web browser here.
  2. Click on Sign Up.feedCal_SignUp
  3. Now, authorize your Google account with feedCal


  4. Now, choose a plan you wish to subscribe for
  5. After authorizing your Google account, you also need to verify your facebook account.feedCal_facebook
  6. Add your details, and tada!
    Your calendars now synchronize every 10 minutes.

Currently feedCal is in its initial stages is being offered free for the first 1,000 users. So start using the service as soon as possible to get it for free.

1 thought on “How to Synchronize Your Facebook Events with Google Calendar”

  1. I tried these steps. However this FeedCal which is now EvenBrite does not work. Most of the features are not working and a message says “Coming Soon!”.

    Any other ways to sync Facebook birthdays with Google Calendar?

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