Share Your Internet – Make Your Own Personal WiFi Hot Spot

Share Your Internet
Gone are those days when bulky net adapter were required to connect your different computers with a single network. Now, if one of your computers(or MAC) is connected with a wired or wireless network and you wish to connect it with other computers wirelessly, here is the solution.

Create an ad-hoc network

Creating and computer to computer network in Windows Vista and 7 is very easy.
Just go to et up a connection or network" and choose "Set up a wireless ad hoc (computer-to-computer) network". Now select "Save this network" and now the network is displayed in along with other wifi networks.

Step 1                             Step 2

But there’s a short cut, the next two softwares creates such a network automatically for you, and let you manage the connection as in a real wifi router.


Connectify is a free virtual router available for windows that lets you create Ad-Hoc networks with your system. It enables you to share your network with your fellows over wi-fi and create your own personal hot spot. It can be used to share you home/hostel network with your laptop, gaming console, mobile phone, media player and other computers for free. Connectify is ad supported and hence free to use.
Connectify is also available for android devices.
Try here!Connectify

Virtual Router

Virual Router is another software that you can use to create a WPA-2 wireless network connection. The interface is clean and simple and you can setup your connection in minutes.
Virtual Router

Try Virtual Router here.

What we liked.
Though both Connectify and Virtual Router are free to use and have a clean user interface, Connectify might sometime irritate you with random ads while Virtual Router is not ad supported.
What might interest you is the Virtual Router is open source and hence free to edit or play with!
Click here to try this now!

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful share. But as I followed the guide, it doesn’t seem to work on my Dell laptop. Errors kept coming up. I couldn’t solve the problem until I tried Virtual Hotspot, a new WiFi sharing app but works quite well. Few comlex settles and quite effective. So…look forware to more fantastic sharing.

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