Get Random Posts in GMail Signatures

As a webmaster, I use to put a short signature at end of my every email. If this signature contain a random link from my blog, this would increase my visitor’s traffic more. GMail Labs provides an experimental addon to Gmail, know as Random Signatures. This addon fetches random post links from a given feed url, and appends as your signature at end of post. This drives traffic, if someone reading email, finds that topic interesting.

You can add random post signature to emails sent by enabling labs features and enabling, Random Signature in it. Then, follow these steps-

  • Go to settings of GMail
  • Click General tab
  • Select Signature, and click on “Append a random signature…”
  • You can specify the feed address, in text box, which can be your blog address, or any feed you like.
  • Like I’ve done as shown here-

    Gmail Signature

5 thoughts on “Get Random Posts in GMail Signatures”

  1. Hey mine is not working. I enabled it and tried my feedburner address to generate random posts, but the thing is not happening only 🙁

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