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Google isn’t just the best search provider over the internet, it’s turning up to be the most protective one as well. Google is currently trying to provide users all over the world a secure portal for browsing the internet by identifying malicious websites daily.

According to Google is wants to update its security by providing its users notifications and warnings about the websites they’re about to visit and proclaim if they have any malicious content in it. Google really wants to step up its game and doing this would strengthen its reign on the search engine industry. Currently Google is at the top of its league, leaving behind search engines like Bing and Yahoo. Google has turned its resources into identifying malicious websites daily and its employees are uncovering nearly ten thousand malicious websites every day.

According to Google’s representative Niels Provos, Google is currently achieving the given task of unveiling an estimate of 9500 malicious websites every day. Not all of these websites are filled with malicious content; some are just owned by authors distributing malware whereas others are highly unsafe and created for the sole purpose of dispensing malware but Google is trying very hard to detect these false websites and its success rate is quite high with only a few numbers of negative results.

The websites that have been uncovered are quite popular, popping out in many searches content and hence Google has taken it seriously to protect its users by alerting them with warnings that range from twelve to fourteen million. The good thing about this change is that Google isn’t implementing it in its own browser but in all internet browsers available over the internet. Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer will all be compatible with Google’s new change but Google has made a little change for Chrome users, turning it into a slight competitive advantage. Chrome user’s will receive warnings and download alerts from Chrome’s in build download protection service and these warnings range up to three hundred thousand.

Although this feature hasn’t been made public to Google user’s right now but its functioning will be quite easy and user-friendly. When user’s search for something unsafe websites will be highlighted by a red warning sign that will caution internet user’s about opening the link and hence deject them from browsing such content. Google has taken a step further by providing this service to organizations and keeping them safe by issuing the free public Safe Browsing API as this will help organizations keep their personal content and employees safe from outside prowlers.

Google’s new social responsibility will benefit many users over the internet. Google is trying to instruct web creators and controllers on ways to safeguard their websites and its content. According to Google as technology changes and increases so does the risk of malware and security related problems. Hackers and malware issuers are always trying to remain a step ahead of technology and by warning users and educating those that create it will help make the internet and browsing it a safer experience.

Google should be commended for these extra activities and innovations. Although they’re doing this to make sure their search engine and services remain at the top of the lead in the industry, it’s still good to know that they’re doing something to keep internet users safe from all the malicious content available. This will benefit organizations and help make their content perfectly safe from hackers and industry prowlers.

Google’s initiation towards safe-internet browsing will only make its worth higher in the search engine market and make it an inevitable page for internet users.

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