Google reader gets social makeover

Google Reader, which is an amazing RSS feed reader has come up with some recent changes in its working. Google Reader has introduced even more social features to it to make feed reading more enjoyable than ever. Now Google Reader could also be used directly in Windows, without opening any web browser, using Google Reader Notifier, or you might use Google Desktop gadget for Google Reader.

Google Reader had come up with four new social features, as explained in Official Google Reader blog. These features include-

  • Following other people using Google Profile search.
  • Now, you can also share, the pages you like according to friends of your choices. You can use Google Contacts to make a group and share with that group alone.
  • The feature I liked the most is Like feature. Just press L key while reading the post, and you will be tagged as you liked that post.
  • And the last one is commenting, keep commenting about various blog posts/ feeds in Google Reader itself.

I am expecting some more amazing features to come up soon…
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via [Official Google Reader Blog: Following, liking and people searching]

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