Google’s Own Music Blog : Magnifier


For all those music lovers and artists, Google has launched its own Music blog, Magnifier. Launched just a few weeks ago, Magnifier is still in a public beta stage. The blog is manually edited where you can view new artists and tracks every day and add them to your “Google” Music Library.

Yes, you read it right, Magnifier is the first look of Google soon to come Music service. The blog promotes unique artists and lets you download licensed music for free. This will surely give you a little taste of the Google Music Service before it is available to everybody. Since the blog is manually edited, you can expect quality music and tracks. Read about the tracks, preview them and add selected to your Google Music library with a single click.

The site is regularly updated and is filled with tips and tricks on how to use the service more efficiently. It houses links to thousands of songs of different origin and genre. Find new songs, listen, download and share them with your friends, that is the hole mantra behind!


Try the free service now, click here.

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