Google+ Brand Pages, Finally

For those of you who are in love in the Google+ project, here is a good news, Google+ pages have finally arrived. This means that now, you can find your favourite brands, artists, stores and much more on Google+. Clearly, this is Google’s answer to facebook pages, big brands trying to get maximum likes on their respective pages.

Now when Google+ has over 40 million signups, it is a very wise decision to let the brands in. Corporate people are very important in making up brand and when Google+ is ready with a lot of individuals, the brands will now complete its social presence. It affects the customers that how well their brands interact with them on social networks. With Google+, brands can start hangouts with the people and listen to their feedback.

Google+ pages are well connected and integrated within the Google search so as to improve the social visibility if the page.

It has been reported that Google will soon be adding a new feature called ”Direct Connect” that will allow users to quickly call up a Google+ page by adding a “+” before their search term. So the next time you search for ChillGeeks, add a + before the term and visit our Google+ page.

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