Fun With Your Photos

2009-03-17_052338 With PiZap you can easily edit all your photos.It has options like crop,editing,black and white ,etc. along with some of the coolest features that you must see.Pizap is a fun free photo editor that lets people easily create wacky images with their digital pictures.
PiZap was created as a tool primarily for social networking users who want to post their images to their
favorite social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, Hi5, Orkut, Friendster, Bebo, miGente, Windows Live Spaces,
Blogger, Tagged, and many more.
PiZap provides a very easy to use photo editor that lets you add photo effects,
custom text or speech bubbles, hundreds of original colorful stickers, a full painting program, and much more.To continue,click on link below…. PiZap also has built in tools for sending e-cards, downloading your image, embedding your image in any website, or sharing the link directly to your image.Above all piZap was made for people to have fun and be creative with the thousands of digital images that they currently store on their computers. With expert tools like Photoshop only available to a few, and many other online photo editors being clunky or hard to use, piZap is here to save the day. pizap.com0.37172300973907113

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