Keep a watch on your Image

ImageCopyingNow, you can keep a strict watch, where your Image is being used in Web World. Idee Inc. created world’s first reverse image search engine to get your image identified. It can also identify your Image even if there are slight modifications from original image.

Iddtineye_logo Inc. created TinEye, which provides this Image search for free. You can upload an Image to start your search or you can also specify URL of that image.  Moreover, if you are on iPhone then you can click a photo from your mobile and start searching. TinEye also allows searching through bookmarklet, you can add bookmarklet below to search Images on given page for its copies on internet. Drag this bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbar for fast and easy use.


You can also add TinEye search Engine to your Firefox or IE web browser by adding Firefox and IE add-ons. For more info about plug-in visit Tineye.

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