Securing Wi-Fi Connection at Home

wirelessI’ve recently bought  new laptop, and created partitions on its hard disk. Now, I’ve got Wi-Fi modem installed in my home. So, to prevent from my neighbours or some outsiders sharing connection, I need to secure it…

I am using BSNL broadband connection, in PPPOE mode, which makes the connection more unsecure, as password is saved inside modem itself. So, I’ve found a way to secure my Wireless connection using WEP security key.

WEP security can be setup by following these steps-

Modem / Router Settings

  • Visit and give Username: admin Password : admin
  • Now click on Security Tab, then click in Security
  • Chose your SSID and click Enable WEP Encryption, and chose encryption strength as 128 bit or stronger
  • Set the network key, which will be used as password to access wireless connection.
  • Save and Apply the settings

Windows Settings

  • Now, you’ve to do similar settings in your Wi-Fi access device too.
  • For setting in Windows Vista, double click the Networking Icon in taskbar.
  • Your security enabled network SSID will be listed there, right click that network, and select properties.
  • Now, give the same WEP key , which you earlier gave in setting up of modem

And you are done, with setting up of your modem for secure Wireless connection. For more details, you can see the video posted below

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