Share, Rank and Rate The Movies That You Have Seen With Your Friends

ivewatchedit logoHere’s is a free webs service that helps you sort all the movies that you have ever watched, rate them and then share with your friends. You can create an organized list, rank your favourite movie and publish them on a unique URL. ivewatchedit

To get started, all you need to do is sign up for a new account, and start adding movies to your “” list. you can search for movies using the keyword search box provided or you can also browse for different movie, sorted according to their genre. Now, after you have added plenty of movies, rank them accordingly. Your top 10 movies are displayed on your public URL.

You can even share your list with your friend on facebook or just tell your friends about your URL.ivewatchedit

The website also offers an exciting feature, Trophies. The trophies are given only after you have watched all of the movies in a certain type. For example, you are awarded with “The Hogwarts Award” after you have watched all the Harry Potter titles.ivewatchedit hogwarts

Try it Now, Click here.

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