CrushAider: Find If Your Crush Feels The Same About You

Crush Aider LogoThis might seem funny and vague, but i came across by while surfing and thought of sharing with you guys, a break from work might be.This is very similar to Crushbits, where you can play pranks with your friends. However, this simple little service claims to verify if your crush likes you or not without tampering your privacy. Lets take a look how it works.

Crush Aider

It might feel awkward and embarrassing to express your feelings with the opposite sex, especially hen you are not sure of the reply that you will face. CrushAider helps you with this, a free o use web service, it help you find the answer to your question. The process is simple, all you need to do is add your Crush’s name and contact details such as his/her email address. The website then sends an anonymous message to your crush. if he/she “crush backs” with your name, the website reveals all the identity and helps you two meet. Otherwise, your name is secret and is never revealed to anybody.

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