Easily Recognize Fonts On The Web With Fount


You might have experienced the difficulty that arises when you need to search for a particular font you just saw on a webpage. It might be an article or a visually attractive line font, there are times when you wish to use that particular font. Here we are with a simple and free web service that will help you solve this problem, Fount.


Found is a really simple and easy to use service which can be used across different web browsers and on different types of websites. All you need to do is bookmarklet the Fount tool, and click on that bookmarklet whenever you wish to identify a font on a certain webpage and then point the cross hair that appears on your screen to the text you wish to identify and tada! the font just appears magically on your screen. The Fount window opens in a semi transparent frame, making it easier for you to work. Along with the font name, the style, weight and size of the font is also displayed in an unobtrusive semi transparent window.

Try it Now, Click here.

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