Play Prank With Your Friends with Crush Bits

It happen sometimes that we want to fool our friends but we didn’t have any idea how to do that or the idea that we have is not strong enough. Now giving you a tool that will actually make you know all your friends crushes. Yes !!! the hidden things in their hearts will come out to you with a little prank.Crush Bits Now let me explain you in detail what happens. Just register here and the site will give you a link. Just email or scrap or IM or anything that you can to make your friends click on that link. When anyone of your friend has clicked on that link, he/she will be shown a page called love calculator where he/she can write the names of three of his/her crushes and calculate the percentage of his/her love chances with them. As soon as he is over, you will get the email revealing all the names of his/her crushes to you.

When I tried this on my friends, I was shocked. The innocent look like people have such a kind of crushes that you can’t even think of. And in return, see the kind of reactions that they gave after falling in my prank.

Prank Attack





And since the time I have signed in to CrushBits , I have been receiving a number of emails everyday revealing the secrets of all my friends. I hope you will enjoy the prank once you have registered in it.

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