Uncyclopedia- Parodies Wikipedia

Yup, you read it right. Now a site that parodies the renowned Wiki. Uncyclopedia parodies everything let it be a country, a celebrity or any current event. Originally an English-language wiki, the project currently spans over 50 languages. The English version has over 24,000 pages of content.Various different styles of humor are used as a vehicle for parody, from sophisticated satire to the apparently random. Like Wikipedia, Uncyclopedia has guidelines regarding what is and is not acceptable content and these guidelines have become progressively more strict as the site expands over time. The site has gained media attention due to its articles on places and people.

Its logo is a hollow potato, named Sophia after the Gnostic deity, that serves as a spoof of Wikipedia’s globe logo.

Well this site looks similar to the original Wiki, so new users could be easily get dodged. But anyhow, the site is for fun and hope you will enjoy .

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