Web’s Most Dangerous Search Terms

Now whenever you search for Katrina or Shahid Kapoor, just beware as you might be inviting some of the blacklisted anti-viruses to your computer. According to a search conducted by Mc Afee , these two keywords are the very harmful in India. McAfee searched for more than 2,600 popular keywords. For each keyword, they examined the first five pages of results across each of five major search engines. On average, each keyword generated a little more than 250 results. Overall, they examined more than 413,000 unique URLs (web addresses), assigned each keyword a category and a country and then ranked them by the risk of their resulting URLs.< span class='fullpost'> In addition, using data from Hit wise, a search intelligence company, they conducted much deeper dives into specific keywords.Keywords were ranked in two ways: 1) the average risk of all results and 2) the maximum risk of the riskiest page of results.

Here is the list of country specific keywords:

Dangerous Search Terms US


Dangerous Search Terms INDIA


No need to panic as the solution is very simple. You just have to install Mc Afee site advisor so that you could  easily cope up with the bad links. here is the link to Site Advisor

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