Why your online reputation is so important

With the ever increasing range of the internet and insatiable urge of sharing the stuff from personal life, today the internet is full of database. One can easily search about the education, past companies, location and other stuff from the internet. The most remarkable feature of this is, people don’t know what kind of image this online database has built for them. Michael Fertik, in his article on Bloomberg, talks about maintaining the privacy of the online content. Here are some reasons why your online reputation is so important:reputation_management

  • It’s generally seen that the companies research the candidates prior to recruit them. If one has a messed up twitter profile and a funky TL , the company might not offer them a serious job.
  • With the growing social networking sites, like Path, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram ,Foursquare, people are connected to each other. One can easily find about the  history of someone by mere searching by the name.
  • Stalkers and Spammers are always looking to find a loophole to make up a story
  • Online reputation is very important in case of businesses. If you are running a restaurant and someone posted a nasty comment about your service, you can loose customers.

We all search about the company or product in which we are interested. The first thing we do as soon as we want  to know about something is to Google it . Here are the things that you can do to build a good reputation online :

  • Make a website. If you are an individual, use About . It is free to use and gives the basic information about you. If you are a company, make your own dedicated website.
  • Improve your LinkedIn and  Twitter profile. The content of the bio should be carefully written keeping in mind your target.
  • Opt for privacy features. You can choose to keep things private and not disclose your whereabouts to anyone in social networking sites.
  • In case you want some legal help, you can choose to take help from Reputation.

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