Create a Beautiful CV From Your LinkedIn Profile

CV from LinkedInYou all might have your personal LinkedIn profiles and you probably know that is a highly useful network for professionals, But one thing it certainly lacks, a visual appeal. Here is a free to use web service that lets you do create a beautiful resume out of your LinkedIn profile.Resume from LinkedIn

The website automatically imports most of the information from your LinkedIn profile, after you authorize your account. All you need to do is authorize some permissions for the website to import your experience, name, jobs, etc. Your information is now displayed as a colourful info graphic. You can customize your resume in nearly all aspects such as color, font, background, images, details etc.LinkedIn CV

Your Top Skills are highlighted using different colors clearly indicating your area of specialization. Your public time line is created adored with beautiful icons clearly mentioning your are of work. The final result, after all the additions done by you can published on a unique URL of yours much like you could do in LinkedIn.

Try it Now, Click here.

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