New Hiring Software Lets Job-Seekers Know Their Worth and Where They Stand

resume-tips One of the enormous undertakings of finding employment apart from the actual job-searching itself is the refining of the resume for every submitted application. Every submission can be a half-hour process of editing and composing a cover letter. In return, the average applicant these days is promised nothing in return but the assurance that their resume has been sent into a supercomputer packed with countless others. It’s plenty of effort for little reward, which can easily lead to discouragement and decreased motivation.

Online services, such as Monster, have provided a more streamlined method for job-seekers and employers to find each other, but these services work on a basic association of factors between the two and simply acts as a forwarder of information. The bottom line is the main chunks of fat are still not being removed on the part of the job-seeker with these services. In other words, job seekers still aren’t able to know how they stand against the competition and what they need to do to get to where they want.

CNN recently did a piece on an independent software service called GREX that is gaining popularity among both employers and job-hunters. GREX essentially lets users see the level of education, former pay, and other factors of those who have already applied for the position, sans personal information. This lets job-seekers know whether or not they realistically have a chance at a position being offered. It also provides the opposite more affirming possibility: letting applicants see which positions are the most worth fighting for. In essence, this reduces the amount of time those looking for jobs spend prioritizing their pursuits.

Such software can provide job-seeking professionals with an easy way to see through a cloud that they otherwise aren’t able to navigate around efficiently. However, it does create the possibility for people to become intimidated by the apparent competition. Employers might start to forget about their own customized preferences for employment in favor of those with higher educations, which doesn’t necessarily mean higher skill. With that said the majority of employers have been thumbing through resumes long before something GREX reduced their workload. They’re likely able to continue to hire on the same basis as ever, just with easier access to the facts.

GREX can help those who don’t like wasting their time. It can also be used by those who want to know what they need to do to become hirable. At the same time, it shouldn’t be a means on which to measure aptitude. That can only be decided through further employment screening

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