Share Electronic Circuits Online with Circuit Bee

CircuitBee_LogoYou might have sometime tried to share the electronic circuit that you just designed with your friend. There are many options, you can send him a JPG or PDF copy of the document but don’t you agree that they lack interactivity. That means if your friend wants to suggest you some corrections, he would have to redraw, correct and then rescan to send the correction to you. If this was a menace, try CircuitBee which is free to use web service that enables you to upload your diagram and then gives you a code that you can use anywhere on the web.

You are required to sign up for the service and start sharing.


As of now, CircuitBee supports only KiCAD and Eagle schematics. The steps are really simple, just upload the schematic and share the code. The code views the diagram inside a frame, with options to print, zoom, fullscreen and show/hide gridlines. Also, it enables the users to get information about the circuit component when the mouse over a component. An interesting feature of the service is that you can share your circuit publically and get comments/suggestions.

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