Track Your Spendings and Save More With GrndCtrl

imageThere are times when you calculate how long it would take you to buy a certain desire or go for a holiday, but going undertaking all your expenses, savings and earnings manually can be a tedious job. So here we are with a solution that will help you solve your problems by doing all the math for you.


Grndctrl is a free to use web application that undertakes all your expenses and earnings and lets you add your rewards to your wish lists. It helps you find the time period required for you you buy and for a certain thing. All you need to do is enter details for your monthly earnings from various sources and regular and miscellaneous expenses. Then add your rewards that is all the items that you wish to buy and GrndCtrl performs the rest for you. You can also add your savings with the monthly interest you get and deduct a certain percentage of tax from your income.

The app generates pie charts and graphs for your savings and your expenditures, It precisely calculates the number if years, months and days before you can buy your reward.



At the bottom of the page, you can see the calculated time for your rewards.

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