Get a temporary mail account – Get rid of Spam

Are you getting unknown E-mails from unknown mailing lists then I think that you are in need of some free account for Sign Ups at various sites.Yopmail offers free service for temporary email storage.YopMail is a temporary Web Mail service (also called disposable email) allowing to Check anonymously all e-mail addresses like “”. You can’t send anonymous email whith yopmail. There are many other services of this kind but I mentioned this one because, it also provides firefox extension in which you can just type the temporary e-mail address and log in to account.

YopMail will help you to keep spam out of your inbox
How does it work?
  • You can use any disposable email address (ex: ‘’) you like to sign up for web sites. Emails sent by these Web sites are instantaneously visible in the temporary inbox ‘‘ on or directly by:
  • Mail messages are preserved 5 days. You can also manually remove mails
  • YopMail does’nt allow to send anonymous email. You can only send an anonymous email to a yopmail address.

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