How to get rid of annoying online ads in 2 simple steps

Today, online ads get more and more annoying, which spoils everyone’s browsing experience. Almost every major website in invested by ads: Facebook, Google, YouTube and many others. Also, new obtrusive forms of advertising are being introduced: video ads are one of the latest obnoxious trends in advertising. However, there is a very simple and quick way to get rid of all annoying ads. We have written earlier on how to block flash content in the browser.


With no doubt, Adblock Plus is the best way to block ads. Being introduced in 2006 as a Firefox-only plugin, today it is by far the most downloaded browser extension in the world, available for free on Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Android OS (Internet Explorer support is coming soon too). Besides being the most reliable solution for blocking ads, Adblock Plus also can be configured to block malware, disable tracking and remove social media buttons from websites. The installation is very easy, and it takes a few seconds:


Step 1: Please go to, which is the official website of the extension.


Step 2: Hit the big green “Install” button, which will download the extension and install it in a few seconds. (Please note, you will require Firefox/Chrome/Opera, if you do not have one of these browsers, please install this first).


After installing the extension, no configuration is required – all annoying ads will be blocked automatically.



Adblock Plus blocks ads using filterslists, which include a large set of rules that tell the extension to block certain elements. These filterlists are constantly maintained by a vast Adblock Plus community, which will ensure that all the latest ads will be blocked too. Also, there is a wide choice of local filters, which block ads on local websites, as well as an option to create custom rules for blocking of whitelisting any elements. For more advanced information about Adblock Plus, please go to:

Check Invisible Users on Yahoo and MSN

blocked Have you ever wondered why a person in your contact list appears offline to you all the time? Now you can spy your buddy to see his real yahoo status.If someone has blocked you on yahoo or is hiding from you by keeping himself or herself as invisible, you can track him/her easily. Although the tool which I am going to post is easy and simple to use but the side affects are many. Consider that you have tracked the person who is sitting invisible and you ping that person , and in return you didn’t get a reply, you again buzz that person, again no reply, you again……………and you end up with a bad mood and start figuring bad things about that person.

Well that was a bit of personal experience( I am sure you have judged that). Now without wasting enough time, I provide you the list of sites that will actually help you to track a person. These all sites work on the same platform, they just ping the yahoo or google or msn or aol server to check the status of the person you have enquired.

Block Checker

  • IM Invisible : This site will let you know about the status of Yahoo IM only.
  • Detect Invisible : This site also works with Yahoo IM only.
  • Block Checker : This is an amazingly good site that will not only let you to track Yahoo, but Skype, Gmail and MSN also.
  • Yahoo Block Checker : Works with Yahoo only but this site is not reliable.

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