Create a Backup of Your Blog in Seconds!

If you are regular blogger and want to make a backup of all your precious Blog Database, Now you can do that very easily without much pain. Now, blog backup service is offered by Blogger in Draft. To make a backup of your blog just log in at and go to Settings of your blog, you will find three options under “Blog Tools” Import Blog, Export Blog, Delete Blog.
To save a backup of your blog just “Export Blog” and save that file on your hard disk. You will get an XML file for your backup. This can be very useful if you want to make a backup or if you want to transfer your blog to some other blogging Platform like Word Press.

Best Ways to Earn Money Online

Online money is required for various transactions such as purchasing a premium account for rapid share or any other paid online file sharing services. This online money can be credited in to your or an Alert Pay Account.There are several ways to Earn money online without investing even a single penny. Here I have listed some of the websites which offer such services.

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Blogger is the service offered by Google in which you can create your Blog for free and put your Ideas on InterNet. You can Sign Up for Google Adsense and Adbrite and other Ad networks to earn money through your website. The more is the traffic on your blog , the more you will earn. It also helps in expanding your social Network.This is not an Instant Way to Earn money but once you are started with earning you can get a very Handsome amount of money in Long run….

Earn by Clicking Ads Online
There are many websites which offer earning money by clicking ads one of theseis which pays you for referrals as well. This site just needs your 30 seconds to surf each ad and amount will be credited instantaneously.

Many websites offers online Surveys which include . On this website you may get a very handsome amount of money just by writting 3 to 4 lines about some of listed websites. This website also pays for referrals you will get $1.25 for a single referral. This is the much easy and Simple way then getting money from a blog. This website will also pay $6.00 for a new sign up in form of welcome survey, in which you just need to write few lines about given website

Earn Money by reciving SMS
Earning money for free using your mobile phone! Now its easy to earn money using your mobile phone. You will recive ads about various services of your interest plus you will also get Money for viewing that SMS. Such a service is offered by mGinger .Just sign up there and enjoy free money.


Earn Money by Reciving E-mails
Like all above advertising services this is another advertising service in which you will get money to view ads via E-mail. These services are offered by many companies example YouMint and RupeeMail