Build Loyal Visitors and Increase Traffic To Your Blog/Website With Punchtab

Getting more people to visit your blog is quite attainable but making them a regular visitor of your platter might not seem that easy. For that you need to play the trick, you need to lure them.

The underlying idea is simple you reward your visitor with something when he comes, and if the reward seems to be interesting enough he’s bound to bounce back for more. Now it comes to the rewards and I am pretty sure there are hundreds of options, including party casino and other goodies.

The installation is fairly simple on most of the platforms including Blogger and WordPress. after installation a “Rewards” tabs appear in your blog which when clicked by the user opens up a dialog offering the rewards.

loyalty marketing

You choose where to keep that button and you choose your own rewards.

02e create reward

Choose or make your rewards, set the number of points needed and you’re done!

02g choose points

You can also offer a one-time give away offer to your readers.
04c giveaway preview

The last step is copying the generated code snippet and pasting it in the HTML mode of your blog post.

blog loyalty program

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Create a ScreenCast in One Click with ScreenCastle


is a simple and beautiful web site that lets you record your computer screen right from your web browser without using any external software. The interface is simple, all you need to do is click on the big orange power button on the page, authorize a few settings and tada!, you are now ready to record your screen.


After clicking the orange, you might have to allow Java to run on your machine.ScreenCastle_JavaWarning

You might also want to resize the recording screen size from the Java Pop-Up windows that appears next



Additionally, you can also choose between in case you wish to add audio, via your microphone or not. After this, just let the recorder record and continue your work. When you are done, you have plenty of options to move further. You can preview your screencast or publish it to ScreenCastle’s site, and also, you can get a direct download link to download the video in flv format.You also get embed codes, and thumbnail images of your screencast to share it with the world. There’s currently no limitations of screencast duration, size, or even number of recordings, but videos published on the site that are not viewed for a year may be deleted.

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Make Your Web Experience Easy With Google Related

Google has introduced an awesome new extension for the Chrome Web browser, that will take your internet experience way ahead. Going with its name, the extension extracts all major stuff from the webpage and quickly runs a search query. All the related content is displayed below on a thin bar.


As you might probably get from the image above, when you surf with Google related enabled, a thin bar appears at the bottom of your screen. The extension senses its need on the webpage and is displays only on selected webpages. For example, on shopping sites you get product information, related news items on news sites and much more.
It also shows related images to the content you are browsing.

Try now, just point your Chrome browser to here and click on “Add to Chrome”.


Click on Install to confirm the installing the extension.


Note: It needs Chrome 11 or greater to work.

TunnelBear : Free VPN to Get All Those Blocked Websites and Content on Your PC

“Sorry the content is not available in your region”, If you have felt like scratching off your screen after seeing this message on much awaited content website, then read on, we have a beautiful solution for you.

Tunnel BearTunnelBear, a small and simple app that lets you browse all geo based content without any hassles. Just download the software, install and sign up for a free account. The beautiful software is flawless and worked with every website i tested it with. The sign and setup process takes less than 10 minutes and then you are ready to view the content of your choice.


However the service isn’t free but you can double up your trial volume with your twitter username. The ordinary sign up gives you 500MB of free data but using tweeting as per the instruction shall entitle you to 1GB of free data. Also for $4.99 a month, you can buy yourself unlimited data access.

1. Download and Install TunnelBear and the Open the Application.


2. Now create a new and enter your details. (Don’t forget to enter your twiteer username to get 1GB free data every month).


3. Choose the type of account you want to go for.TunnelBear_3

4.Let TunnelBear create your account and setup the connection, please confirm all notification from Windows.


You can choose your location with options of UK or US and turn the app on or off anytime. The app also displays the amount of data left in your account.

For the 1GB free data, you need to simply tweet “I want 1 GB of free data” @tunnelbear. For this you need to provide your twitter username in the sign up form.

Here are our test examples.

  1. Trying to view Vampire Diaries on CWTV.
    And after installing tunnel bear,
  2. Also, I tried it with Pandora Online Radio
    But after installing TunnelBear, I was able to play the radio flawlessly.

Click here to download.

Download Chrome Plugins

Chrome Plugins Well we all know simple and efficient Chrome browser is and that’s how in a short span of time, it has come at par with Mozilla Firefox. But that’s not all that makes this browser the best among all but it’s the extensions, add-ons, themes and much more that makes the Google Chrome browser more individual and efficient. In this post, we will describe about a website that provides honest, concise and free reviews of plug-ins. Chrome plugins is the website that provides all these plugins and reviews.

They have their own unique and apt method for ranking the plugins. Unlike all other websites, Chrome plugins rank them according to their quality rather than their download volumes. By doing this, various new plugins also come into picture which is not the case with other similar websites.

As per Chrome plugins ,” We aim to always integrate the users as much as possible into the process of identifying the best addons for the Google Chrome browser. That’s why every extension can be rated and commented on without registration. Also, sharing a plugin that you like is easy with the included social buttons that encourage the visitors to recommend a program or theme they like to their friends.”
The website has various categories like Apps, Security, Themes, etc and within each category, they have sub categories. All these features make the website user friendly and simple. For example if you love to play games during free time, you can click on category Fun and then can download games. My favorite game is Chrome app Angry Birds which is so addictive that I have this game on my iPod, Mobile Phone and now on my browser too.
The website is completely ad-free and a non profit project. Also they feature only those plugins which are free of cost. Apart from this, one can also contribute to write a review about any plugin that one wishes to share.  We at Chillgeeks give a Thumbs-up to this website.

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Shareaholic – Sharing Integrated With Browsing

ShareaholicRecently we discussed about Rockmelt, a web browser that integrates with your facebook and twitter accounts and makes sharing easy, but for those of you who are in pure love with their cute browsers and those who would like to adopt RockMelt only after there are no more bugs left, we have just found something great and interesting.

Sharaholic in action

Shareholic, the simplest way to share something online, might it be an article, or an image or the webpage you are working on with friends on digg,, facebook, friendfeed, Google bookmarks, magnolia, mixx, reddit, stumbleupon, tumblr, twitter and many more websites.

Its an add-on that creates a small shareaholic button either on your navigation menu or the address bar and every time you click it, it displays an organized menu which lets you choose the services to share upon. You can customize the menu either to just display your customized websites or to change their order. Sharing is simple and clean, the concerned dialog appears and you can now choose to proceed or not

Shareaholic is believed to influence general user activity on diffrent websites making sharing easier which will increase web traffic. It also keeps a track on how many times the web page you’re on has been dugg or saved to

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RockMelt – Share Your World Around


Its not just another web-browser that claims to be faster and safer, its build for sharing, based on Chromium (the open source project used in Google Chrome). The catch, it integrates your regular cyberspace and social media interactions. RockMelt makes sharing and chatting easier with an optional facebook sidebar on the left hand side of the browser. It integrates with twitter as well. The latest youtube app makes it possible to watch YouTube videos right there.

YouTube App

The address bar has a big share button that lets you share the current web address on your facebook/twitter logins.

The browsers signs into your facebook account every time you start the browser making it easier for you to share things, check status messages of different friends, have a little chit chat and update your own status.

Now what might interest my fellow geeks is the real cool name behind it, Marc Andreessen, yes the founder of Netscape who himself lost the war of browsers but  i think RockMelt might just be the future of web browsing. For now, its just another super fast (thanks to chromium and Google’s V8) web browser meant for facebook and twitter addicts.
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Epic Browser-India’s Own Browser

Epic Browser- India's own Browser With the launch of Epic Browser, India has got its own browser. Although powered by Mozilla, this has fulfilled the need of Indians. A design that perfectly matches Indian culture, the browser has very well come at par with the expectations. The themes, wallpapers, and everything else is dedicated to Indian Culture. People are also welcoming the launch and just 2 days after the release, it has 1500 fans on facebook. Another feature that is catchy is that it is offered in many regional languages.

The themes are the best part of the browser and gives you the feel of Indian Culture. And as they claim, it is the only browser that comes with an antivirus. The sidebar not only make it more productive, but also add aesthetic value to it. In other words, its a complete package for everyone.

Why We Think That It Is The Best Browser

If we look at the strategy behind the this browser, we can easily understand the above statement. Epic Browser has clearly segmented itself into its usage. By this we mean that it is made keeping in mimd each and every individual. Take for example the case of youngsters. They have emphasized on social networking sites, they have made their browser look cool, they have options to clear all the private data in a single click and in all the best package tat any browser can offer. Now take the case of webmasters. With the enormous Epic Browsertools and applications that can be installed( since the platform is quite similar to that of facebook), they are proving themselves to be more productive than any other browser.
So winding up, Epic browser not only make you more productive, but also it gives you an essence of Indian culture.
When you build a website, make sure to check that it works in all browsers, not just the common ones. Just remember that if you aren’t using the Epic Browser, you’re still vulnerable to attacks from hackers, viruses and worms. Make sure you protect yourself and your data by investing in security measures that have two-factor authentication so your logins are safe and secure.

Best Firefox Add-On

Firefox is undoubtedly the best browser and to make it more user friendly, developers all around the world continue to add value to Firefox. Just a couple of days back I came across two add-ons that I would like to share with you all. Here they are:

  • Text to Speech

This is a very great tool to convert text to speech. The best thing about this is it is too simple to use. I have also written one post on converting the text to audio. Here is that post. But this one is different, one just have to select the text that one wishes to convert to audio, and then just click the button. You will hear about the audio and even have the option to download it in .mp3 format. It is developed by an Indian Vikram Joshi.

text to speech

Another amazing feature of this add-on is its vulnerability to read text in many languages. Below is the screenshot showing the options :

text to voice preferences  But the thing which I don’t like is that it can’t be used offline. But I’m sure that the developers are working on it and soon we can convert the text to audio offline also. But this is not the thing that will stop you from downloading this add-on. Here is the link to download Text To Speech.

  • Fission

Another great add-on that I came across is Fission. This add-on makes your browser Safari style and makes it more stylish. This will show the loading of the page in the address bar and change the cosmetics of your browser. Beautiful, compact and stylish are the words that are best used to describe the add-on.

fission addon

But this add-on has a bug. It is not compatible with all the themes. Therefore, one has to check the compatibility before using. Here is the link to download the Fission.

Maxthon Browser

logo  Maxthon is yet another browser which is basically aimed at developers of the Web 2.0 using windows hosting and other similar services. . Although it might not look very attractive at first look, yet it can perform a number of geek tasks that a web guru requires. Maxthon Browser is a powerful tabbed browser built for all users. Besides basic browsing functionality, Maxthon Browser provides a rich set of features to improve your surfing experience.
The main features which attracted me are :
You can add shortcuts of your programs in Maxthon, and start them with a single click.
You can even set programs to start and shutdown with Maxthon Browser.
Ad Hunter
Ad Hunter can efficiently clean up the web pages by stopping Popup Windows and removing Ad Content Blocks.
You can add content block to the filter with the “Block Page Content…” command in the Right-click Menu.

Web Sniffer
Web Sniffer can help you find the real URLs of FLV video file on those online video website.
You can also set which file types to sniff in the dialog.
Web Bar
This little toolbar provides a lots of small features that aid your browsing, and can be toggled on and off easily.
Open one or more website with only one key. It suits for lazy guys like me :p
You can set up the key and url list in Setup Center.
Screen Capture
Capture Full Screen, Selected Area, Selected Window and Page Content as an image.
You can set copy the image to Clipboard or save it as a file.
Add more features into Maxthon Browser with plugins.
You can even make some to share with your friends.
Filter Packs
Remove ads on a specified website or implement a special feature. The whole new Filter Pack system gives you the possibility of modifying web page source code.
Install Skins to change the look of your Maxthon Browser and make it different, or create one by yourself.
Maxthon Browser has Language Packs in 19 different languages, all made by our community users.
Let Maxthon speaks your own language.
To visit the homepage click here

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